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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Cinema Script : 'Dilemma' (Class XII English Project Under WBCHSE Board)

I had written a bogusly cliche script prior to this,the fact being that it had an unusual mystery to deal with,combined with the dullest of content that keeps haunting me till date.This is a script,re-written.And this one focuses boldly on narrative cinema rather than ones that are based on dialogues.The entire theme of the movie is inspired from a very real real-life experience that I had faced a few months back.Again,the art of writing is deeply inspired from European intellectual cinema.

Page 1

PROJECT GENRE – Cinema Script

TITLE – Dilemma 

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Page 3


I extend my warm regards and gratitude to the Respected Principal and the insightful subject teacher to make it possible to work on this project. The project genre is interesting and has helped me to exercise my philosophical and writing skills.
I have enjoyed working on this topic and I am thankful to the subject teacher for allowing me to work on an otherwise unusual topic. I also thank the authority for providing the necessary time in order to complete this project.

Page 4


This is to certify that this project has been made by Titas Biswas of Class XI on the topic ‘Autobiography’ under the guidance of our English teacher ................ and has been completed it sucessfully. 
Yours truly 
Titas Biswas
Class XI

Page 5


What is the utility of a cinema script/screenplay?

Screenplays and teleplays use a set of standardizations, beginning with proper formatting. These rules are in part to serve the practical purpose of making scripts uniformly readable "blueprints" of movies, and also to serve as a way of distinguishing a professional from an amateur.
Sreenplay, written text that provides the basis for a film production. Screenplays usually include not only the dialogue spoken by the characters but also a shot-by-shot outline of the film’s action. Screenplays may be adapted from novels or stage plays or developed from original ideas suggested by the screenwriters or their collaborators. They generally pass through multiple revisions, and screenwriters are called on to incorporate suggestions from directors, producers, and others involved in the filmmaking process. Early drafts often include only brief suggestions for planned shots, but by the date of production a screenplay may evolve into a detailed shooting script, in which action and gestures are explicitly stated.

Information Credit : Britannica Encyclopedia,

Page 6


Scene A 

Fade In : 

EXT. - Riverside in West Bengal over which clouds have heavily gathered - Noon

Everything is in shades of deep blues and greys.A boat is tied to the bark of a tree close to the riverbank where a girl aged around seventeen-eighteen is standing,looking unmindfully towards the other side of the river,her eyes full of tears.

Dissolve To : 

EXT. - Meadows beside Grand Canal,Ireland - Afternoon

In the strange greenish-gold light that filters through the foliage above,a couple walks on the meadows,talking to each other at times.

The woman's name is Mairéad and the man is called Edmond.Both are speaking to each other a little oddly - in soft,hushing tones.

Mairéad - No,it never is going to be that. 

Edmond - You are going to be fine,Maarie.

Mairéad - I can't write.I can't write a darned thing about this cursed era,my diary is over and my days...

Edmond looks upwards and gestures her to do the same - above we see a flight of birds,below a boat floats as the wind tugs at its tied end.The shadows of the birds are reflected on the earth toned boat and then the canal subsequently.

Mairéad - Love,love in  our eyes -  beyond the retina is freedom.

Edmond - And spirit..

Mairéad - Is without the mask and the crown ; bare and naked.To perceive touch is to take flight in wings...

Edmond - Maarie,my dear and you still tell me that you do not know how?

Mairéad - I do not know how.

Edmond - Why do you need to?Not everything is meant to be known.

Mairéad - Then what do you thing is the difference of being indifferent and not being at all?

Edmond - That illusions can be deceptive.But not every illusion is as illusionary as illusions are meant to be.Some are real,like something else that flows through the barley fields in spring,something that is not wind - but moves.

Mairéad - I want to know Ed,I would like to know if falling means to reach the stars.Are their reflections hidden below oceans? Where is where? And what are we? And why are we so limited?

A white,little feather lands on the dent of a car and a dandelion drips slowly into the canal.

Edmond - Drowning is flight at points.Light is itself and dark.What is - is not.And what is not is what is and what's not itself.Every damn thing on the planet is a living paradox.

Mairéad - Living. 

Edmond holds her hand.She quietly raises her eyes towards something at a distance.The behaviour of her eyes is captured and we can only reach at our conclusion from her expression.

Scene - B 

CUT TO (J Cut) :

We hear the sound of old Irish (Frank Harte) records as the scene resumes to a rainy afternoon.The girl whom we had seen at the very beginning of the film is painting a landscape on a canvas.There are Bengali and English books of poetry strewn around in her room.The painting looks very similar to the meadows by the Grand Canal that we had seen in the last scene but it's unclear and uncertain since it is only half finished and the other half is not yet done.

CUT TO (J Cut) :

It's evening now,the riverside in West Bengal that was shown in the beginning is marshy and wet.It is not raining anymore.The dour dusk lights line up the way of the small bridge that passes.We can hear the crickets call not too far away.In the same room where she had been painting on a canvas,the girl is now sleeping on her bed,covered in crumpled beige sheets.
A jewel bug sits on the half finished painting,right on the meadows and a little raw green is imparted to its deep blue wings.It flies out of the window the next second.Outside,there is lightning now and the thunder rolls.

Scene - C 

CUT TO (J Cut) : 

The sound of waterfalls is heard and the camera slowly focuses on the Grand Canal waterfalls at early dawn,when the light is a shade between blue and violet.

Mairéad is shown to be asleep,as well.Her elegant features are revealed slowly,bright against the dark,with a little incandescent light that fills her room,born out of the table lamp. 

Scene - D 

CUT TO (J Cut) :

The painter girl from West Bengal lies asleep as the morning rays infiltrate through the sullen,grey curtains.The orange embroidery shines through.

Out of the several books strewn on her bed,the line focuses first to Arthur Rimbaud's "I am someone else." and then Kafka's "My life is a hesitation before birth."The camera then moves to a paintbrush dipped in yellow.

Scene - E 

CUT TO (L Cut) :

 Mairéad and Edmond are taking a stroll beside the bank of River Shannon.Edmond is photographing the river's behaviour and surroundings and Mairéad is chanting lines of Ol' Man River. [He don't plant tators,
He don't plant cotton,
An' dem dat plants'em
is soon forgotten,
But ol'man river,
He jes keeps rollin'...he keeps on rollin' along.]
Edmond - Wonder why no one ever wrote about a bleeding Mississippi - 9 to 10 million of the indigenous population  just got wiped out of nowhere.

Mairéad- How long can you use tomahawks against air rifles?

Edmond - The word rifle deserves to come from some other voice.

Mairéad - I am not a toy wrapped in silver,Ed.

Edmond - You're a poet,an artist...

Mairéad - Poetry is not silence.Ability is but weapon.

Edmond - And cartridge is but rhythm.

Mairéad - When will bleeding pay? When will bleeders rise?

Edmond sighs as he takes the snap of a swallow perched on a tree.

Mairéad - Waves shall but rise.

Edmond - You sound calmer today.

Mairéad - Like the land about to face a storm?

Edmond - Can't you,dear,for once - take in a little sunshine,let your other part bloom into happiness?

Mairéad smiles a tranquil smile - something that makes the audience uncomfortable.

Scene - F 

CUT TO (L Cut) :

The painter girl is shown to attend university classes.She looks outside the window,clearly uncomfortable about something and after the classes are over,declines a meeting with someone,perhaps her boyfriend and with a stressed look on her face,walks along the corridor as the camera briefly pauses over Van Gogh's 'Farmhouse Among Trees'.

Painting : Farmhouse Among Trees by Vincent Van Gogh 

Scene - G 

CUT TO (J Cut) :

The sound of water dripping from a tap is heard.On a very brief focus,we see the pale,white face of Mairéad,
lying in her coffin. A paper from a bunch of notes kept between the prop and lid prop of a Grand Piano flies outside the window in the wind.

Edmond (whispers very,very softly) : Turn.Turn,mistress to the fallen galaxies deep inside thy heart.

The focus is brought back to the voice of the doctor declares Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome as the cause.A few whispers and sighs are heard in the background.Edmond rings the windchime hung by her window seal.A jewel bug touches his finger and a leaf is shown falling into the Grand Canal,seeping slowly inside the depth of the waters.

Scene - H 
CUT TO (J Cut) :

In the riverside of West Bengal,the other young protagonist (the painter girl) softly cries as the river overflows and lightning bolts get reflected in the water.The focus slowly turns towards her wet feet,dress and her face - drenched in the rain,still weeping.In the road,no one else is to be seen.A sparrow sheds of water from its body and takes shelter under a sunshade of a house nearby.

 The girl turns to the other side of the road as the downpour intensifies and on the background we hear 'Red Is The Rose' playing softly,combined with the sound of her sobbing and that of the rain as the camera lastly focuses on the painting,which is now completed,completely exhibiting the meadows beside the Grand Canal,where Mairéad and Edmond had been walking.However,in the painting,a silhouette figure of the man is apparently stretching an arm,as if trying to hold on to something where there is no one else to be seen.A white dandelion rests on the black dent of a car.

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