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What is a perspective?

What is a perspective?

A perspective means a vision. A vision can be an illusion, a vision can be real,a vision can be a dream. A vision may be from a certain angle, a vision might open up a new world in front of you - it all depends upon how you see things. Don't just see things with eyes that are not yours, you'll see,may be you don't see the best,but you surely do see something that others don't.Don't just live in with your perspective,let perspectives enter you,but not dominate you.Let things penetrate,don't let them make you hollow.SEE THINGS,you'll see everything look at you with a different perspective as you do look at them.

About This Blog

This blog was started by me on 3rd October,2013 when I was searching for a place through which I could share my studies,life and my thoughts. Being a massive nerd,I decided to post about Maths and Physics(Now updated to a lot of other topics but mainly on Maths,Economics and Social Sciences as my interests on these subjects intensified compared to other subjects as I grew older). I have always been very much keen and observant about politics.Of course it started from a certain angle of view - from people suffering in this world,from problems in the wealth distribution structure,from hunger and starvation and protests until I started taking the subject from a perspective of attaining knowledge as well as intensifying it to a well built ideology.It surely did take me time to come to a point of true libertarian thinking,to neutrally judge incidents and get to the bottom in order to at least roughly come to a point that does provide perspectives that open up chances of what leads to the better.But the basic ideology continues to be the same : something that voices itself against what is wrong,against such a terrible wealth distribution structure,against poverty,against unjust laws,against repression,against illegitimate governments,against the bone chilling decisions made by 
multi-national corporations,corrupted governments and repressive institutions such as the World Bank and subsequently the International Monetary Fund. This is a blog that focuses on leftist ideology,however not any kind of propaganda.The ideology is utopian,we try to achieve the best of what we can.Those attempts to attain what is best should come through free thinking but in no way should compromise with something that harms the other section of the society.Since nobody can be better off without making someone else worse off (Pareto Optimality), we need to take care that we do not reach a point where the concepts of democracy and capitalism overlap(Of course they cannot coincide),with the concept of the latter being so much wrapped up in showy luxury that the concept of democracy,little by little is eliminated from our brains. This blog is not written under the influence of any other person except me and whatever content is uploaded is completely legal. 


Maths has not only been my favourite subject,it has almost been my soul mate for quite a while now.I sometimes go to sleep and wake up with sums in my mind.When I am in a nice mood,solving sums makes me happier and when I feel low,Maths helps in lifting my spirits.Maths almost ensures that I remain aligned with all the things that are relevant with me.I am pragmatically,philosophically and emotionally dependent on this subject. 


I am a big fan of various genres of Rock Music and I have done a lot of Lyrical Interpretations,song posts and music videos - especially of Bands from the 1960s or 1970s. ALL TIME FAVOURITE is Pink Floyd. So there's a separate section regarding it on the blog. Almost all the Lyrics are taken from or sometimes but rarely if I find some small changes in the song,I correct the Lyrics accordingly.


When I find no one on earth understanding me (which I guess happens to every human being),I reach out for a book.It always seems to comfort me down and help.(Sometimes no one does that job better than a song though) I love reading books from genre Maths,Science,History,Political Science,Rarely Romance,Environment and Wildlife,Art,Comics and thesis on some particular person/subject.


When I was a little kid,I used to get terribly shaken and depressed by the cutting of a tree.It was like,someone was destroying somebody else's life in front of me. I still get depressed if I see such things,but I try to convince myself that there are people and places where nobody does so. So,I decided to take the littlest incentive I could to protect and conserve environment. The little part can be done by anyone - You can throw your Chocolate's wrapper in the dustbin/garbage can only and plant a little tree every month. Every bit helps.We just need to understand each other better just as you need to have understandings with your environment,without which survival would have been impossible today.
Now that I realise the importance of conservation of environment ; that it is not only necessary for better living conditions but for living conditions itself to exist and for economic development in society and for sustaining this planet for longer,as a whole.


I personally have evident faith in Marxism but I am ready to support every true Leftist Ideology in the world. I believe in Communism/Socialism and I am a radical leftist.This blog is a medium to propagate such political views and I am not influenced under any Political Organisation or Individual to post anything anywhere in the blog or its Social Network attributes.Every thought reflected here is earnestly owned by me.The kind of political blogging done here is evidence based and not absurd or abusive without proper reasoning.I am not certified by any political party,either.It is just that I have my faith in many of them.An Ideology,according to me,is a must for proper visionary of an individual.


For any questions regarding any topic mentioned above,you can mail me at - 
titassparkles[at the rate] gmail[dot]com 
or post any comment or participate in any activity in any Social Network attribute of The Perspectives Blog.
I am not regular at the blog,and this year and for a few years ahead,its impossible to be regular due to serious concentration needed for the academics.

You can also send your questions/queries through my Google+ Account listed as a plug-in on the blog.

You can subscribe to The Perspectives either by e-mail [plug-in added under the search box] or by subscribing directly to the RSS feed which you can do by clicking either on this link or the feed icon located before the attribution of the blog (close to the footer) which consists of all the social media channels enlisted on the top.

Advertising/Commercialisation Policy

Advertising and Related Issues - This blog does not support any kind of advertising and it will never ever be commercialised,under any circumstances.All spam/ commercial advertising related queries are highly undesired as they are beyond the niche of the blog.

Blog Connections/Freelancing/Authorship Policy

International Organisation For a Participatory Society Logos Depicting Economical,Ethical,Political and Strategical visions/goals respectively.

I am a member of the respectable platform IOPS (International Organisation For a Participatory Society) which has over 2500+ members from 90 countries including Noam Chomsky.I am not paid by IOPS for featuring important links/sharing articles or my views on the same.This is something I do because of my own intention,on my own responsibility,on the influence of a group of amazingly thoughtful and intelligent people.

I also co-ordinate posts from War on Want and though I have received requests to specifically share posts on Facebook as a 'valued War on Want supporter',I am not a paid affilitate but an activist promoting posts for satisfying my own conscience and for activism's own sake.
Also,launched very recently is 'The Ethical Shop',which is an initiative by War on Want to help them do some fundraising for the causes they work so hard for.I advertise for the same,however this is not the usual website affiliate business.In fact,The Perspectives is not meant for increasing the capacity of its author to subsequently help her earn money through it.I do not receive payment and this is something like ideological/ethical advertising.

I do receive requests and e-mails from an almost regular basis from famous Spanish Political Blog Búscame en el ciclo de la vida.However,this again,does not involve any transaction schemes or material incentives to enhance promotion.

All my activities with these organisations are non-commercial and based on planks of the concept of international activism.

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