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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lush, Vivienne Westwood and War on Want Come Together To Fight TTIP!

I have written this post and that post on the blog before,some being intellectually dedicated,some being leisurely and some for my own sake but this is one of the most important posts on the blog.Sure it is from an e-mail I received from War on Want but the issue is severely dangerous and action must be taken now.This toxic deal is being secretly discussed by capitalist rulers of the USA and Europe and before you know it,it is going to devastate our lives and that of other forms on this planet.THIS IS IMPORTANT and I am including no break lines in this post.Please pay attention.It is a request from our side.

Dear Miss Biswas,

War on Want has launched a new phase in our hard-hitting #NoTTIP campaign. We’ve teamed up with handmade cosmetics producer Lush, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and with Lush stores across 14 European countries to promote Europe's most vibrant campaign for years, to say no to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).*
In this crucial year of TTIP campaigning, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is backing the campaign with a designer box of shower powder ("showder") on sale at Lush so you can "TTIP that dirty deal down the plughole". Crucially, profits from the product will go to support War on Want and under-funded European grassroots groups fighting against TTIP. Read more about the Lush campaign on our website, and follow the buzz on Twitter.

Coming up: as part of the Europe-wide campaign against TTIP, on October 10 we will be joining allies including Global Justice Now, Friends of the Earth and 38 Degrees to hold a rally in London after a day of #NoTTIP campaign actions. Speakers at the event, which marks one year since the launch of the European Citizens' Initiative against TTIP, include Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP and Leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennett, with more speakers and entertainment to be confirmed.

Join us at what promises to be a rousing end to a great day: Register and find out more!

Best wishes,

Mark Dearn
Trade Campaigner
*TTIP is being secretly negotiated between the EU and USA, and is a grave threat to the foundations of our democracy. It is also stimulating one of the most vibrant European people power movements seen in a generation - a movement that is winning in its battle to stop this toxic trade deal.

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