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Thursday, September 17, 2015

You Will Be Our Hero Forever,Joan

This mid-August,the pacifist,humanist,valiant 'Queen of folk music' danced to the beats of Taylor Swift's 'Style',which was part of her '1989 tour'.I have been a crazy Joan Baez fan for a long time now and I love her for both the singer and person she has been.Within heartbreak,within soaringly high temperatures,within excruciating headaches and tranquil tears,I have loved Baez through and through.But what did you have to do this for?For a few minutes of fame?For limelight? For popularity? You have a position so elevated,why would you even need that cheap,commercial,over-hyped fame?

And here's a part of the lyrics from 'Style'.Sounds more like a HIV-warning.

"So it goes
He can't keep his wild eyes on the road
Takes me home
Lights are off, he's taking off his coat
I say I heard that you been out and about with some other girl
Some other girl
He says, what you've heard it's true but I
Can't stop thinking about you and I
I said I've been there too a few times"

You,Joan,who wrote,"Do you hear the voices in the night, Bobby?
They're crying for you
See the children in the morning light, Bobby
They're dying"

You have been the reason to life,to tears,it is impossible for you to feel what an asset you are to us.You are one of those women I can close my eyes and say I respect.You are one of those few musicians who have made me cry,again and again.I play music for you,you are a reason why - I live,I listen,I love.And you will never know what else you are.How much you mean.
My feelings of everything,just everything I can think about life,which I have decided devoting to a cause,it has to do about you,you mean a strange hope,a strange illumination to me and I love your courage,I love the person you have been for so long.I love the way you sing,the way you speak,I like your eyes.

I have listened to most of your works and all of them are artistic work along with being extremely humanitarian.You,who sang for Tookie Williams,you who spoke for socialism,you who never wore a single piece of precious metal on your body,you who was seen tanned in the sun,singing for us,for people,for freedom,you who marched down the street with your home packed in that six-stringed instrument on your back and melody in your voice,you who never wore a branded dress,you who never stopped loving Bob Dylan,you who fought for Civil Rights,you who sang to the tune of Wallis Willis,you who never gave up,you who are a humanist,you,now,went and danced with a popular culture driven crazy,goat singing about love and sex and nothing else wearing an almost backless dress,more interested in showing off her legs than singing? How could you do this,Joan?You would never get 'out of style' for us,you're the hope inside,you're higher,much higher than such low souls,you're humane.You are our hero,you do not need to go dance sexily with some freak who understands only lipstick colours and long drives by the term 'red'.It is so vast,it's about hunger and famine and love and intense feelings and war and danger and boldness.You taught us Joan,you are the lady,yes you,you knew that,didn't you?Was this necessary?Five minutes of shamelessness against fifty years of being a humanitarian?
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