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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Poetry Challenge : A New Week,A New Poem (2)

This is a poem I wrote during a sleepless train journey a few days ago. The point is this : These days,I have been reading and writing SO MUCH that I have gone worsely hyperactive than I ever had in life before.I literally am in definitive trouble with sleep and no matter how much I call him,he just refuses to arrive at the right time.
Poetry is doing well with me now - there is an intense outburst of every emotion I am capable of preserving inside me at fairly regular intervals and when the sunshine is out again,they creep out and rest and the rest is fine at that time.Nights are somewhat enchanting to them,their journey has no bounds in its intense reaches!
This poem is the first one in the series that I am going to continue in future,too,owing to my huge interest in metaphysics and psychology and the craft of poetry - these are things that have fascinated me from a time before I even knew what they were called!

The Origin of Existence 1

A moment stands
Occupying a spark
That holds in its hand
A Million Anecdotes
Of times that Rained our hearts

Of stars who died
While the tale of tales
Lit up beside
You and me
And those who see
The rays write up
"Be,just be."

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