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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Poetry Challenge : A New Week,A New Poem (5)

This is the 5th poem in this series,so we are already halfway through since there are going to be a total of 10 poems when this is over. Nights have been fascinating,painful,insightful and incite-ful through and through.This wasn't a decided topic,though.I just went through the course of my regular impulsion and it was done.The flow had started before I knew what I was doing!

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I walked barefoot on the rooftop
As the dry leaves moaned
Under my weary feet
wind sighed
Thirst flung her wings
flight unfurled

Water failed to quench
my wounds
To answer my questions - horizons
Night seduced
Played me through
veins and blood
Winds deeper ; deep inside
Brought up shadows :
mellowed dreams
like smoke
Rebirth - Reborn.

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