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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Punarutthan : An Initiative To Help Revive Drug Addicts To Life

The globalised era is constantly imposing upon us trends.It's perhaps trendy to use the term "trend" right now.Trendy trends.A statistical term brought down to its qualitative form,its umbilical cord still being attached to numbers and figures.Conusmerism taking a deadly toll.Drug addiction is one such trend.Something that gets drearier with endurance and deprivation from guidance and care,or even a stinging sense of it in some cases.And several lives get completely devastated due to addiction.

It is hard to spot NGOs in India that work for addicts.In terms of documents,you will find many.Technically,not even a few function according to their terms.Here,we have a group of young activists from Kolkata who are trying to re-convince time that it can be healed if necessary.Together,we can definitely do something.And we expect help from as many as there can be out there.(MORE COMING SOON).

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