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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Short Story : Arisen

The other side of the forest was waking up at dusk in a stunning shade of burning sienna and a golden lustre that knew no bounds,no dimensions,no geometry at all.Woodwinked and curled up,motionless and bright - stark in appearance,they roamed.It was a dream within dreams,windows within a further realm of windows,a home inside homes,doors amidst a series of doors that led to words that created reflections in the mirror of his conscious,of times long lost from now.Wars were fought everyday,as fleets of gulls sailed up against a claustrophobic sky.Their screeches accumulated sources of life like moths around a lantern.The dispersion failed,the cluster went on the ordeal it faced everyday in order to sustain existence and not sustain it at the same time.The forest,was now half-cleared.The flutist's life was like the patterns on the window seal ; obscure and stark.The tune,paradoxical.

The bells rang,the waterfall sat timidly to listen.The Sun's rays changed its course,fluttered like a happy leaf in the wind,about to be one of the many warriors who lay the way for time's footprints.An eminent tune,that crossed miles of lunacy and pain,each being one side of the other,or a mere shadow,or just something that clings to you
when it gets dark,without a name.Identities after all,are written in galaxies unseen.What resumes,at dusk,after all - are wings.

Song : 'River Song' performed by Wayra.
Disgust born is not my responsibility/intention.
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