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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Short Story : Elusion

Absurdist is fiction.Fiction is a story.Deep down,all of us know - it's not.

'Is' is a man.His tambourine is rhythm.His rhythm is a path - dug deep,like tunnels slanting up towards the sky,like a thought towards what's freer.

Mellowed sarcasm is like the shine in the sand - singularly blatant about its own plurality.The tambourine rings against its pleasure ; like a child's cathartic laughter.

(Photographed by Anna Delany)

Laughter is a spirit,who knows not the history of its birth and went missing before setting out.He who knows that he knows,right from when things began (being).

In between lines is a wire.A wire is a bird.A bird is a river - it flows.

'Is' is a smile.(A smile is a man.)Being is the being within beings and not being while being at all.Far from twisted reaches,
far away - where fields meet horizons,planes meet dimensions ; far from the retina and the intestine ; far inside - 'is' is.His tambourine is soul.His footsteps,forgotten.His memory,a life.
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  1. His soul might wither away for 'is' is 'is' when those rhythms from his tambourine do not falter away.

    1. Yeah,his tambourine's magic.Would always be. :)


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