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Monday, August 15, 2016

Hiraeth,Favourite Irish Songs and Poetry

Pure intuitions coming from logicians are strange,to begin with.From a time before I knew what is remembrance,I can recall I had a strange feeling when I was brought around green fields,horizons and crop fields.The moment I could get down there,I would walk without a destination.Like a bird that has been just released from its cage - perplexed about where to fly exactly.
Then again,I would say this (and still do) weird phrase subconsciously when I was extremely tensed or nervous or sullen - "Bari jabo" (which is a Bengali phrase meaning "I want to go home.") or sometimes repeat the same in English instead.
It was only in winter 2014 that I figured out a word for it - 'Hiraeth',which is a word of Welsh origin meaning "Homesickness for a home that never existed or has not been seen by the person who is reminiscising about the same.
Also,I have been writing for Ireland ever since I got introduced to what had happened with the Gaelic rebels from the 4-5 lines written in our History book when I was in my 9th Grade.I have never been a nationalist (despite having respect for struggle for freedom of every state under imperialistic rule).But as many times I've listened to Irish Resistance movement songs,I've got goosebumbps on my skin or felt cold or irresistably emotional,none of which I've ever been able to hold a very proper,scientific explanation about.I have got every wish in my heart to get to TCD since 2015 and see for myself what is and what isn't.
INTPs are said to be the only personality type who can also unlock their own subconscious and I've experienced both clairvoyance and prophetic dreams so many times that I am convinced that I have got something to do with this country,though I am not sure what and perhaps I never will be.

Below is a Youtubed playlist consisting of 11 Irish/Celtic songs that are my current favourite and I have listening a lot to in recent times.For those who love country tunes,this is going to be perfect.

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