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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

All That Comes To Mind (25) : Academic Pressure,Relationships (ENFP-INTP) and MBTI Analysis

A few very important things have been happening in my life.
First of all,this is my final year of schooling and I am stuck with a lot of academic pressure,a tight schedule and need for some breeze that is driving the littlest of the soul material inside me claustrophobic and overburdened.I simply do not understand what to do,most often.The blog once used to be a space for a lot of personal posts until I started taking a turn towards everything social and everything that would create an impact,an important one.

And another extremely important incident is that about a relationship that I have been taking very seriously,for the first time in my life.I had never even given the concept of making a compromise or two a thought and now my entire day runs like : study,talk,text,talk,study,text,study,talk....repeat.
The relationship is smooth,almost without a speck of doubt amidst our own very minds.Both of us are outcasts (my situation is worse),he deals in the most charming of ways possible with his lover's neurosis,he understands things before I can speak them up,which is a blessing since most of the times,I can't (yeah,you've got to believe that).
The only trouble is that we both belong to the NP category (intuition,perception) and that leads to a hell lot of similarities in between us.This should not be a problem apparently but if you delve deeper,you will understand that similarities are the biggest positive and negative sides two people can share.Both of us are hellishly narcissistic,I am snobbish on top of that and he is extroverted yet unsocial.Also,ENFPs (his personality type) show a lot of contradictory behaviour and one moment he will speak of contradictions and epistemology,the next he might talk about how well early marriages work.
Also,since there is nothing definitive perceptional people can settle towards,both of us are  indecisive to the power infinity.This (as a contradiction) does not hold true about the relationship in general but about most of the other things,exempting career and love life.
The best thing about this is that he is a very balanced person,even after being an ENFP.He knows how to gather things and practically manage them and I don't.I am the little girl lost in the woods without a map towards the light and I am always waiting for someone to show me the way on top of being drastically independent about most of the very important decisions of life.
However,I have been analysing if NP relationships do work and trust me,NP-NP relationships work far,far,far better than ST,NF,NJ,SJ types.Not that I have had a relationship in any of the other categories apart from a short talk session with an NF guy but I have acquaintances who are themselves living examples of what turns to what.To start off,I have had a HUGE number of problems with ESTJs.I do not think NPs (and even NFs) will ever be able to be happy in a relationship with an ST or SJ even though psychologists always recommend them as the natural partners of the NP.The medication to your abnormality doesn't have to be strict commands because as per as I know NTPs/NFPs HATE commands.The living poet doesn't have to be murdered by a bureaucrat,right? The thought itself is too disturbing. 
Also,NF personality types are a little too emotional.The good thing is ENFPs are not really NFs,they are more like a combination of NTs and NFs whereas INTPs are not really NTs,they are more like NFs. You won't believe how very strong emotions they store inside and once you are able to touch their soul and intellect,they are done for.Not that they would express this to you,it is expected that they wouldn't or if they do there is a very erratic pattern to their expression games. Sometime they might talk slowly,softly about highly romantic things and the next,they will shift to nuclear sciences and metaphysics without caring to mention the transition agent.That is how they are - strange,peculiar,snobbish,intellectual.Love is a puzzle to them and so is their lover.
In fact,the lover is the personification of love at points and as long as he remains erred,puzzling,strange and superior,things will totally be on flick.The moment the INTP gets an essence of overall inferiority,I can write it on a sheet of paper and put a stamp on it that the relationship will not work.
As per as I see it (and have read several times before),ENFPs desire calm,intelligent and deep people.Otherwise,love turns into a flighty business for them.

I might do an even more detailed analysis on this as we continue our journey.
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