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Friday, June 2, 2017

How Have Smartphones and The Brand New Jio 4G LTE Network Helped Our Students in Recent Years?

In this survey,we attempt to introspect into the topic of the socio-cultural impact of the use of technology in the modern times,in the lives of high school students who have graduated only recently.The chosen age group has in fact been the area of interest to us since we wanted to cover both the statistical aspect of their performance,their perceptions on certain very important attributes linked to education.Also,the propensity to accept new trends and fashions is visibly the highest among the youngsters.Hence,this project also allows us an opportunity to utilise the impact of the new JIO SIM LTE network and how contributive it has been to the gen-Y in India. 

 It is a request to all students in the age group 15-20 to kindly fill up this form and send it to us!

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