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Monday, August 7, 2017

Must The Show Go On?

It all began with a platter of food - or it would be better to say that it began with the very idea and circumstantial existence of 'food'.In around 10,000 B.C,the era of 'primitive communism',in the language of economics,the competition was among beings,for earning themselves a source of energy that would sustain their bodies longer.'Food' was and is an intermediary in such ters,the goal is,was and has always been longevity.The goal has always been to stay,to stay a little more,to take in the essence of what the spontaneity of both space and time wants to detach from us.

Victor Hugo said,"I see black light" before passing away,that was the last thing he said.The contemplation of our co-existence as living beings is quite similar.But the common minimum is life.All of us want to sustain this dream,this reality,this simulation,this intensity - or whatever else life could be for a little longer.By the end of the twentieth century,we already had commodified most of the important planks of life.The very basis began to go through a certain risk it had never been posed to before.The crisis was not about when a change would occur,it slowly turned out to be if there could be change of any kind at all and if there was a future and if we could picture the continuity of the human race in even terms of a few decades.From 'when',the terms were reduced to 'if'.
By the end of the First World War,we had learnt our necessary doses of orthodox nationalism,defragmentation and devaluation of different cultures that could have co-existed well together.By the end of the Second World War,we knew the blueprints of to nuclear weapons,we had hearted the Manhattan project and Asia and Africa and all the other colonies were the land of the basterds,the niggers and "the dogs".We saw thousands of white men leash millions of black dogs.We were forced to go through failed resistances put up by the minorities and ethnicities across Asia,Africa and Europe.Dreams were shattered as sand dunes built by a five year old prior to a Tsunami.Throughout the mid-twentieth century,it gradually turned out to be all about the bigger powers,the presidents,the United States,the Contras,Nicaragua,the major famine-struck regions of Africa and NATO and Afghanistan and the hanging body of Najibullah and the death of Saddam Hussain and the heavy crisis in the middle eastern countries,all associated with oil resources and tattered veins.

Photographed by Robert Doisneau 

Since then,we have been the living proof to Chechens and the rise of a militant Islamic front,who,funnily enough have always obtained ammunition from the bigger powers in terms of geopolitical authority. 

The reason why we are here today,and have gathered for the sake of collectivising,exchanging opinions is because each of these opinions count.We are here to mae ourselves count,even after realising what a terrific quantitative minority we constitute.This is not about Model United Nations or another baseless elitist society.It is about you,it is about e and it is about nightmares we ought to overcome. It is about us and them.It is about us and an "us" bigger still.What we can do here is make a person think - write,scream,act,create to initiate another action in turn ; almost as in the logic of positive ions and induction,as in a reverberation that could cause a wide resonance.
Cause,after all,"Out of the way,it's a busy day
I've got things on my mind
For the price 
Of tea and a slice
The old man died."

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