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Monday, August 7, 2017

Save Jadavpur University!

The authority wants to snatch away our rights to democratically express our own opinions.The current Trinomool Congress governed reign has declared that all the organisations operating in the university campus currently are to be soon replaced by an "apolitical" "student's" "council".The members of the council are to be appointed by the VC and the general students pursuing their education from the university will not have any say about any issue that concerns them.

(Photograph Source : Vox Populi)

Jadavpur University has a glorious history of building up a strongly democratic base in West Bengal.One of the top universities across India,it has been known to oppose the oppressive attributes of the Indian state ever since it began forming the bases of what it stands to be today.Irrespective of your political stand,if you are in favour of the anti-capitalist impositions that is devastating life forms across the planet,please,please listen to this plea.We welcome students,
non-students,officials,workers,administrators,writers,intellectuals,artists,performers,thinkers to join the movement.Please do come on 10th.At 01:40 p.m,in the university campus.
Please make this happen!

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