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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Two Abbas Kiarostami Short Film Picks To Instantly Brighten Up A Mundane Day

'The Bread and Alley' or simply 'Bread and Alley' is the first short film that was made by Iranian film director Abbas Kiarostami and has been promoted by the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults.The 10 minute short film consists of one of the very predominant components of Kiarostami's work - children! 
It begins with a kid aged around six or seven,who has to cross an alley to reach home but is confronted by a vulgar street dog everytime he attempts to pass through the place.The simplicity of movements,the serenely long takes,the zero artificial approach and minimalistic conceptual development makes this a simply brilliant effort to portray cinema as an intermediation and not some pompous business show or sponsor oriented dualistic business and art going hand in hand.This stuff is more gorgeous than you can think it is.

The next pick in this post would be an eight and a half minute long project including no separated "takes",barely 5-6 cuts in the entire culmination and a rather 
non-exaggerated,simply beautiful flow of dialogue between a child and an invisible conversant.
The little girl loves movies and wants to be an actress but when a role is proposed to her in which her long,beautiful hair is cut by a jealous girl,she refuses to take part in it despite persuasions and attempts to convince her that the film is a big job and it means a certain kind of gain to her.Then,the conversant asks her to play the role of the jealous girl instead but she refuses again.At the end of the film,several little girls say a "No" to the same context consequently.

The very last scene focuses on another little girl with beautiful hair swimming in a pool,fluttering like an autumn leaf in her own,spontaneous freedom of happiness.
This short film is capable of restoring faith in a soul suffering from serious lack of connection or brutal alienation of thought.A must,must watch that in a moment shows us life is big,bigger than
demarcation lines,definitions,parades,commands and terror.
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