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Friday, October 27, 2017

So,Where is the Blogger Now?

To be honest and specific,I am sitting in an AC couch in Kalka mail, on my way to Shimla. Last month around this time, I was sitting on 24A 527E on my way to Bangalore. In the next 6 months, if I am not wrong - I will be travelling to Rajasthan, Gujarat, Mumbai and Goa!

Reasons behind this sudden change :- 

1. First,and foremost - I have seen people care. Even if I stop writing, even if I am lost, even if I stop replying, people keep on asking and expecting. And there is no driving force stronger than inspiration of that sort. 

2. Travelling opens you up right in front of yourself. Things left unsaid, projects undone and done again, midnight smoke, the taste of leftover harissa allover your much loved noodles, lemongrass and infinite spirals of upheveals and stakes so held all throughout your life. 

3. I have been extremely busy lately. Somehow I managed to get an internship at the London School of Economics and Political Science this month and I couldn't have gotten busier. Also, my first semester at the university is up around the corner already and its presence is chilling me upto the bones and deeper still.

4. I got the first offer to offer my work as an educational publishing at the end of this year and I am presently working on it every single instance I am able to retain from my (possibly tight) schedule.

5. You see, I am not a mean woman. I am still answering students' queries directly from my mailbox and am accepting,curating,editing every guest article I can manage to get my hands on. Do keep sending things of that sort, they keep all of us going.

6. Amidst these breathless times, I am reading a little literature to rejuvenate my neurons and help me solve sums in the longer run. If you see a little delay in getting your queries answered, please hang on. I will surely get back as soon as I can.

And above all, wish me some longevity please. I am running from early morning to late night and am hardly managing my meager share of meals and sleep! But yeah - just to let ya'll know - I am alive. Alive,breathing and very curious about whatever is left of life.

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