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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Find Us on Youth Ki Awaaz (YKA)!

It has been 5 months since we have been contributing articles at YKA. But it has only been in recent times that the readers are responding really well to our content (unfortunately the articles have gone up with my name in the author's place; whereas, I am the mere typewriter typing stuff faster than most of the population out there) and we have been asked multiple times by the administrative team to keep contribute.

In order to keep our confidence level fairly high, kindly head to this link, read our articles and kindly keep the share pace to 100+ (Otherwise in this era of hoaxes and "The Times", we would not be able to leave the slightest impression anywhere).

The next article should be up soon! 

If you want me to write about a special cause - say about the distress small businessmen and manufacturers around Leh are having to go through or the condition of meat-sellers after Yogi Adityanath and his followers' mega-rant about the "the Hindu Shastra" and the impact of "why to rape Muslim women by bringing them back from their graves" in the twenty-first century, at the heart of "the largest democracy in the world".
If you would like to keep your identity hidden from the public or would like to write under a pen name, you are welcome. We will ensure your safety before our own, and we will make sure your voice is heard. 

Until next time, stay tuned!

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