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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Gregory Alan Isakov : The Underrated Torchbearer of Meaning in Music?

It began with 'The Universe'. It could be a rainy evening, resonating to the tidal glory of clouds and an open verandah that rang the memories of lost wind chimes and tattered pages of old, yellow books. It rained even harder that night. Rain - in the eastern part of this country is yellower than blue. The streaks of dust and glory impregnate times that do not fit into hours. The child now borne out of nowhere, reminds you of home, of lost gardens, a paradise and a messiah's footsteps in the dark. It rained throughout the night, and the next morning - you could still hear the song whisper in your ears as often as it wanted to, touch your waistline, wrap its arms around you, ring like an anklet on your right foot and then, like old afternoons of the bygone times, lay next to you in complete stillness. 

That lavish, luxurious feeling of depth never left anytime sooner. Not that it was supposed to, either. 
The next time you would come across the essence of homecoming, hiraeth and ignore the precedence of past into the categorisation of sheer absurdity, 'If I Go, I'm Going' could be the 
next song you have met.

And if something has to strike the final blow, it would be 'Amsterdam' and 'The Big Black Car'.'The Empty Northern Hemisphere', 'The Weatherman' and 'The Sea, That Gambler' are albums that would look like old photo albums out of a navigator's long-lost chest at sea now revealed to the rest of the world to take a look at. 

But the deal is that enough time is paid during each listen. These are not the kind of highly sold albums in the market for a beaming audience to dance to for a good 45 minutes. This would take time to settle, sediment and change colour. Make sure you pay attention when you listen
and you are in a state to visualise when you listen and this could be one of those beautiful gifts that you like to return to at 3 a.m even after twenty-five years of your first time listening to it.

Disclaimer : The images used are not owned by me.
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