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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thus,Capital : Volume 2

 The night lamp was flickering like a reptile's tongue. Or maybe, just maybe a trembling flicker of thunder. The other side of the room was flooded in mudwater and the mangroves growing out of it were peeping through the holes in the ceiling. The night around began creeping on the body like a shrimp. The doorbell rang twice. Footsteps were heard from inside, as he made his way towards the door. 
"It's me, Yalina."
"Oh, certainly. Again. What do you want, Yalina?"
"Open the door, please."
A thud is heard as the city lights black out in the distance. The midnight blues were softening against the river current and the motioning shadows carried the limp body towards the escalating door. The night lamp was flickering like a reptile's tongue in the absolute darkness. Its design was Venetian. Down in the emptiness, it almost shook its head in deep dismay, like an alienated poet in the monsoon months of terror. 

Photograph Source : Pinterest 
Still from Hail,Mary!

The coronation died on the paper trail, to where it was brought from, at the first place. The shadow lines at the end of the room stared at the essence of the corpse in sheer terror and apathy. Another doorbell was heard, this time in complete, terrifying silence. The sound was followed by shattering of glass. The curtains were flying in the wild morning breeze.

He who was commemorating his own ashes in coffins and dead flowers woke up and sat on the top of the table. "A walking corpse!", they yelled. Yalina took a step backwards. She tried to reach out for the door only to find nothing at her back. She almost collapsed but gained strength in her feet and stumbled upon the wooden cabinet before her left hand touched the doorknob. Caught in the frenzy, she fanatically tried opening it but the door just wouldn't budge. The room, filled with guests of all kinds,
constituted out of all classes possible stared at her with a strange vaccancy in their eyes. Yalina wanted to scream, only to find out that her vocal cord had stopped functioning completely. 

To be continued...
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  1. I am extraordinarily affected beside your writing talents, Thanks for this nice share.


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