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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Books That I Have Been Surviving On + My Current Playlist

Essentially, after a lot of extremely serious posts, your fingertips and neurons deserve a neat detox. It is an early spring Sunday afternoon in India right now and I am sitting on my bed in Kolkata in the apartment I have most recently shifted to and all that I have in my mind is a Macroeconomics internal examination I have tomorrow, beginning from 12 noon and distorted tunes of a very old Irish song - 'Spancil Hill' (Spancillhill in the Irish dialect). 

I don't remember if I have talked publicly about the series of deja vu kind of feelings, deliriums, prophetic dreams I have had about Ireland. I remember I almost chocked myself weeping when I first came across this song, covered by The Dubliners. I mean, let us talk about not being conservative about modern covers of old songs. Say, The High Kings' cover of 'Rocky Road To Dublin', 'Red is the Rose', 'The Parting Glass' is beautiful, absolutely mesmerising but The Dubliners lived through the times I feel like I share a connection with. I don't remember all of it very well but the bits and traces come back every once in a while. I do think I could sacrifice the opportunity of getting into SOAS or UCL any day for the love of Trinity College Dublin! If I am going out for my Ph.D., I definitely am going to go head over heels to ensure I get into TCD. 

As for books, I have been reading 'The Roaring Nineties' written by Joseph Stiglitz and Principles of Macroeconomics written by Gregory N. Mankiw and Macroeconomics Tenth Edition written by Dornbusch and Fischer. 
As for now, I would say that Dornbusch and Fischer is far more interesting than the former but for some reason, the book written by Mankiw is pretty overrated (just a personal opinion). 'The Roaring Nineties' is somewhat stagnant, has a very slow pace to it - like you would find in the work of most Nobel Laureates in Economics. I would be able to comment further once I am actually done reading the entire book. 

Until next weekend, have a great time everyone! And do drop me a message at the contact form at the bottom of the page, or click on the 'Write For Us' tab to submit your work. We accept a wide range of articles on a very diverse choice of topics. Also, if you have any doubts that you would like us to help you with, you may let me know the same through the comment section of the blog or the contact form or drop me a mail at titassparkles[at the rate]gmail[dot]com.

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