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Friday, March 9, 2018

Currently on My Playlist : 'Promise' by Ben Howard

The very first of the warmly chaotic spring breezes have been blowing here in the top half of the Indian subcontinent. And once when you have made your mind (or not) to relax a bit at midnight, facing away from textbooks and the ongoing crisis of fascism (I still was born in a pretty privileged background, which allows me to indulge into pure art sometimes - even denial.), who wouldn't feel like garnering some light into your system - through or not through your corneal elegies? 
With the onset of spring comes Rilke, comes Bach's lonely violin in accordion to the sadistic moonlight that drives down straight from your throat to the invisible umbilical cord of the bygone ages. Surprisingly, with all these classic fragrances and their aura, Ben Howard's 'Promise' doesn't fail to impress. 

(Photograph Source: Genius)


And meet me there, bundles of flowers
We wait through the hours of cold
Winter shall howl at the walls
Tearing down doors of time
Shelter as we go

And promise me this
You'll wait for me only
Scared of the lonely arms
Surface, far below these birds
And maybe, just maybe I'll come home

Who am I, darling to you?
Who am I?
Going to tell you stories of mine
Who am I?

Who am I, darling for you?
Who am I?
Could be a burden in time, lonely
Who am I, to you?

Who am I, darling for you?
Who am I?
Going to be a burden

Who am I, darling to you?
Who am I?
I come alone here
I come alone here

'Promise' is the 10th and last track on Howard's debut studio album 'Every Kingdom'. Since I find myself a better interpreter than anything else, lyrics usually matter to me far more than anything else when talking about a 'song'. I haven't yet had the chance of listening to every song present on the album but out of the few that I have managed to listen to, Howard passes the true poet test in a go. 

The wonderful tenderness in the tune, coupled with the breathtaking lyrics that I also find quite Kafkaesque is a genuine find in today's world. The transition into the slightly more rhythmic part in the second half of the song adds to the expression of a certain tension that lies amidst the entire question that the song in itself is. 
The chords used are quite sublime and overall, this song could end up being a must-listen to most people - irrespective of preferrences!
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