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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Letters to Vincent : Volume 1

Introduction - This series is a compilation of 10 letters written to Vincent Van Gogh, as an ode to his poetry (you heard that right). 

When a man is lost, what does he take with him? Shadows, flutters - of lashes and leaves, of bygone days, times and music, of...burnt roses and ashes in the clouds? The opportunity cost of losing yourself is just a cultural reference in a certain time frame. Gallows and caves reverberate footsteps, and the planets echo each other's name at times of nightfall. Cloudless, you draw the nebulae, the waves, the transition in spiral ecstasy. 

(Photograph Source: Medium)

The world was a burning pyre, in the summer months of grey. A
heap of bones - all civilizational courtesy, sensations and the history of morbid neurosis, out of all that was, had always been, why would you choose the astral path of nothing? 

Where did you go, Vincent? Where did they take you? 
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