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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Varying Perspectives......................

Do you think you see when you listen? Senses say you may SEE when you listen. Fans of Pink Floyd? Here's your place! Do you love Progressive Rock? Then your senses have dimensions. Do you taste when you listen? Well, Floyd is all about senses and perspectives. This is my first post in my blog - The Perspectives. Hope you all will enjoy my blog - it will involve things that deal with perspectives,senses,music and my political ideology. No, I'm not a follower of the American President in this big capitalist world, I follow anarcho-communism/socialism. But yes, I am not one of those orthodox ones, I see and I believe (PERSPECTIVES,right?) I have faith in socialism and liberty. No, I'm not a professional politician still,I am a 14 year old, but I belong to a country where Universal Adult Franchise has allowed me this right to express, I am an Indian. To get more in details, I am a Bengali. Well, that's been enough about me. Here's your place, young LIBERATORS.

Websites and International Leagues I would love you all to join -

  • International League for Young Communists
  • Kasama Project
  • Houston Communist Party (
  • Project Hope

The Perspectives Blog

Now, you may think this is a blog for initiating POLITICAL PROPAGANDA- you might consider so,it all depends upon your angle of perspectives (but a platform for any PROPAGANDA is not how I see this blog) but you may just consider it a place to discuss music (basically different genres of Rock/Country/Power Ballads) or say important facts about environment.This blog will mainly focus on Maths,Economics,Social Sciences,Literature,Music and at times Leisure,which involves more personal posts,about things I feel,enjoy or simply have thoughts about.
In case you think this blog is boring, avoid it, its your perspective that matters after all, but I'll keep putting my sincere efforts. So, hope you all develop into liberators of this society and disentangle people from the traps of the dreaded capitalism. Keep enjoying my blog.
My perspective : Reading this blog has no meaning unless your thoughts develop and you help people. Love the people, Love the society.

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