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Saturday, March 22, 2014



Price : 100


As already mentioned in my last book review,Narayan Sanyal is one of my most favourite authors. Born on 26th April,1924,Kolkata, a very important personality for the uplift of the Shibpur Engineering College.A fellow of Institute of Engineers. A scholar in almost every sphere of knowledge I'd expect to know!American Biographical Institute wanted to award him with 'Man of the year 1998' - he refused. (Derivable Ideological Reasons) He has even worked for bringing families out of the poverty line in villages. Books on researches on such matters are available.



15th September, 1945. Or just a month from the day the Second world war had come to an end. The recently affected Hiroshima and Nagasaki are suffering tremendously from the effects of the ATOM BOMB. At such times, when USA had just emerged as the greatest power. Now, who could have leaked out the secrets of the Manhattan Project? Now, the Soviets would also have nuclear power in their hands. This is not a detective story though, as here, the so called 'traitor' alone confessed everything on his own. This is not a 'novel' as Chemistry equations in a 'novel' are unexpected. This is not a science-based book as a romantic love-story is unexpected there! 
When the publishers asked, Mr. Sanyal said he was curious that in which category the Librarian kept this book!

Why did I read the book?
Well, bad question. Why do people read books? To get informed. Wrong assessment, I must say. I didn't start reading this to be informed of something.I thought it was basically a science-based thriller and that was a reason it actually attracted me. Well I was not wrong, it really was but what I didn't expect there was a love story and what I really didn't expect was communism to be present in a science-thriller! I knew it had politics  and a lot about the Second World War,but did not expect it would be such a beautiful experience to go thorough a book of so complex subjects.

What the publisher claims : A documented monograph 'novel' on development of the first atom bombs, and espionage of atomic secrets by NARAYAN SANYAL. (Dey's Publishers)

What I would claim : The book's cover comes in a Mustard Yellow combination with mainly black,white and blue. The front cover (as shown in the above photograph) comprises of the photograph of a camera,an old looking piece of documented data along with a magnifying glass over it magnifying "u 235", that is,Uranium 235 isotope.
There is a photograph of keys as well  and a big photograph of the nuclear bomb with a dead bird. (A dead bird was used to send messages in the war) The back cover has the description along with a detailed photograph of the explosion of the nuclear bomb. I am giving a little translation of the description provided. At the end of the Second World War,some scientists,with numerous efforts were able to pass out some important data regarding atomic nature and nuclear bombs to the Russian Government (And I am so thankful they were) What,Why and How - are the questions we are going to deal with.But the doubts begin here. If we were to call it a 'novel',a chemical formula's unexpected. If we were to call it a scientific documentation,romance is unexpected.If we were to call it a detective novel,why would the 'criminal' come and surrender,like in Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment's" main character-its definitely not a detective story.Well,according to me,its a good infusion of Chemistry,Physics (The basics of Nuclear Physics), Politics,Ideology,Love,Red Flag,The Nasty sides of War,Imperialism,Lots of Politics and Definitely enough of Literature to hold you glued to the book. Its one of the best things that I've ever read.Its one of the thing's I've read over and over again and I just could never get myself bored of it. I'd call it - SPECTACULAR.



Score according to The Perspectives Blog -
Cover Art : 5/5
Literature Content - 5/5 (I'm speechless)
Page Quality : 5/5
Price : 5/5

Overall score : 20/20 = 100%
Genuine book - I can't find a match of any other book in the world with this and I've spent days (err......night after night) reading this. I took my time and believe me,I am so glad I did. I am glad that such a thing,ever,was written,after all. For any Science Nerd,Politics enthusiast or just an interested reader,the book will always be a wonder. DEFINITELY A HUGE MUST HAVE.

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