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Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Targets this year,worries and yet another leave

Yes, you are right. I am still a bit unstable and swallowing back as I write this post and declare my target this year.This is something that is going to determine or change the future. I know this. It feels heavy and scary to carry this - but I'll try to give whatever I have to achieve what I want to.If you go back to the very first posts of this blog, you will see what I am trying to mean. The purpose of this blog has been - an opening window. That's all I have craved for. For a long time. My ideology is something that belongs to me. Its burdensome,its painful,but the fact lies in the thing that the ideology BELONGS TO ME.MAY BE IT HELPS IN CREATING THE BASE OF WHATEVER I DO. If I am to keep up with this,my targets are scientifically necessary. My target,first of all,this year is to try and get a CGPA 10 in Class X. Yes, I have my boards this time. Whatever I say or want to be said needs a base for itself and I don't have a way to achieve it otherwise. I am immensely worried but I know I'll try to make it. I'll be very irregular at the blog this entire year. May be once or twice in a while.Let's hope for the best.
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