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Monday, November 6, 2017

About Me (Updated)

My name is Titas, and I would go by the untraditional weirdo genre as far as norms are concerned.I was born on 15th June 1999 in Kolkata, India. 

I started this blog when I was fourteen years, three months, eighteen days old on 3rd October 2013.Besides academics, I am interested in music, photography and intense travelling.
I am currently studying Sociology in Jadavpur University. 
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By June 2015, a few artists (musicians, basically) had started following @blogperspective on Twitter. There was no stopping ever since then. The Perspectives consists of contributions by Noam Chomsky, several other scholars, and philosophers, a bunch of intriguing guest articles, and is followed by Grammy winners to leaders, magazines, show hosts, actors, and authors - and even an Academy Award-nominated artist! The blog has now been read across 188 countries in over 98 major languages.

I have contributed at The London Economic, Youth Ki Awaaz, Anarchimedia, International Agenda and am currently an intern at The London School of Economics and Political Science - LSE,Global Daily Tribune, Indie Music Label and Wall O Books.

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  1. (Paraphrasing A.C. Clarke) I'm too an INTP(T), and INTPs are said to question the existence of their INTP-labelling among others like that leads to it -the MBTI system (after all, where's consistent-with-that-we-know-so-far facts for its corroboration or even the statistics) ... and the primary reaction I had browsing/ sampling your blog is that you may be anything but a nerd: at all probable a lerd.

    As you are from India, may you check this, in the light of your opinions, and ... mostly opinions:

    Good Day!

    1. INTP (T) refers to INTP (Thinkers) whereas INTP - T denotes Turbulent.
      Then again,once you've called yourself Ustinov,the other times Andrew and yet again as "Anonymous" ; your Google+ shows Knon Anon.I am confused!
      And whose words.....Chetan Bhagat?! I would take YOUR words with some weight than his.For whoever's sake,dear (accepting that YOU - Ustinov,Andrew and Knon Anon are/is an INTP(T) ).Chetan is a great example of how an IIT-ian can be dumb.

  2. Utopayuschiy i za solominku khvatayetsya: Three arguments to the straw:

    1> For the seeming guilt by association: I’m one from here:, and the reply isn’t mine, though I wonder if the author understands its irony! I used my defunct g-plus a/c (Knon Anon) as your blog, as commenting on most blog do not work well with the tor-browser.

    2> I think, one doesn’t necessarily have to buy into a person/ organization to appreciate his/her/its arguments, however inane the person/ group may be or is. Save us from ‘lerds’ still tastes apt to my impressions, to your blog, and I came it upon by chance.

    3> Given the lack of credibility either by rest of the body of established facts/ factoids (say Barnum Effect, or say, if validated, then works based on Lövheim cube of emotion etc.) of psychology or even the statistics of the it, engaging to discuss any further on MBTI system regards to INTP etc. is pointless. I simply mentioned it as I once took such tests, -like most of us can happily mention some ‘characteristics’ of our so-called sun sign- and I had this in mind (with the pinch of the thoughts above): Here are some funny alts of INTP - Inadvertently Net Trapped Person, Inherent Need to Perfect, Incorrigibly Nagging (in) Thinking/ Thoughts Perhaps…

    Good Day/night!

    1. Okay!
      Um...Suggestion 1 - Please go through Amrita Pritam,Tagore,Arundhati Roy and others who are worth reading.Do not go through Chetan Bhagat.Trust me,the entire intelligentsia and even the part of the population with little bit of grey matter inside their head won't be able to afford that dreary experience.I have been through Chetan Bhagat in my early teens and I know what extent of bogus stuff he can write at once.He's an exception,someone you can research about for pretending to be so,so dumb.

      Second thing - that test suited all of the people I know who have been through it.We were surprised by how accurate it was.And honestly,statistics and natural sciences are nothing like astrology.Thanks for stopping by,anyway.

      And thank you for that link,that is helpful. :)

      Good Day!

  3. 遇到任何難題,交給台達,讓我們成為您最強大的力量,協助您將任何問題,化為最圓滿的結局。


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