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Monday, July 28, 2014

IOPS (International Organisation for a Participatory Society) and My Experience

I have been a member of IOPS (International Organisation for a Participatory Society) from April,2014 when a fellow member and Facebook friend (Thanks,Eugena.) asked me to join along with providing me a detailed description of what IOPS actually is.I joined immediately as I was quite impressed by the basic ideas so expressed.


IOPS is basically a centre-left wing to left-wing international organisation that aims to bring considerable change in society all over the world.It consists of a group of administrators including people who have had experiences of social work in Asia.

(Note that - This is my personal explanation of what IOPS is.For the theoretical,formal version,please head to the Mission and Vision page by visiting this link -

The Artistic Side of IOPS (Great,right?)


Well,you can join IOPS if you dream of a real change in society and want to be a part of it.IOPS has got a good hold in European countries and in USA where they have organised book fairs,demonstrations and protests.In India,we really require more hold of the matter,since we have only 66 members right now.So,if you have liberal,socialist or communist viewpoints of analysing a society(basically anything opposing Capitalism),then you can join IOPS.

IOPS Creations


There are several social and political activists in the list and let me highlight it when I write the next sentence because our most famous and influential member is Noam Chomsky.

Indeed worth fighting for IOPS


I am explaining this on my personal viewpoint.Have you ever dreamed of a change,a change for good? Or ever tried to think what world socialism would be like? IOPS will give you a little firmness in such thoughts.We are not extremely famous and powerful but we surely aim to take hold some day (we do not intend to be famous uselessly).

                                           One of the intelligent works by our artists


Well,I certainly emphasise in getting more radical and getting more serious than we are right now.In Asia and Africa,we need to get rid of capitalism and that cannot happen unless we take strong steps,something more,much more than holding street demonstrations.
Their behaviour to me has been really nice,especially the current admin,Johannes is great.I am on the extreme left-wing and I can say they have big tent approach towards all the more radical sectors beginning from Liberals and Anarchists.So,if you do oppose Capitalism,you have a place among us.

If you have any other questions,feel free to ask
Disclaimer - The Images used here belong to IOPS.

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