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Friday, August 15, 2014

Independence in India?

On the 68th Independence Day of India,I should probably be posting Patriotic Quotations and deeds of great men and deeds of glory.But that depends on the perspectives with which you take a look at these long 67 years,almost seven decades and the changes that has taken place.Independence day today is a day in India when you pay tribute to the national flag,when you watch patriotic movies and listen to music that enthralls your patriotic spirits in the most vibrant shades.But what do you mean by Independence? Did we ever get a true essence of it in our lives,within ourselves,living in this country?Well,freedom is not exploitation,freedom is not dictatorial rule,freedom is not imperialism,freedom is not capitalism,freedom is not hyperinflation,freedom is not selling your country little by little to the United States of America;freedom is nonexistent in the India in which we live today.There is no possible freedom unless the working class is as free as the owners of the capital and the industries are.Freedom is that day when every child in India shall go to school with the assured availability of three full meals a day.Freedom shall be when the policemen start believing in the courage obtained from honesty,freedom shall come when people do not have to pay for jobs,freedom shall come to us through the sickles and hammers and spades and cutters,freedom shall come when factory owners start believing in the long-known fact that workers are human beings,freedom shall come from the inner self,freedom shall not be imposed;it shall come on its own,independently.

The Indian National Flag

In this twenty first century,fundamentalists still control a lot of activities in our country.Still,about 57% children in India go to school,still there is hunger,still there is so much food insecurity,still a major part of the population is immensely vulnerable,still the girl child is neglected and rejected,still corrupted governance thrives and no matter how low they are,they get the chance to hold their heads high.In this era,at this time,we can try whatever we are capable of doing from our sides.Not taking bribes and not giving bribes,knowing the fundamental rights and duties,helping a few underprivileged children are just some of these.
Independence was like a peace treaty handed out to us.We never were free,we still are not.In fact,the American Imperialism grasps us tighter day after day and the economy suffocates.The martyrs who sacrifised their lives never got what they deserved in this country - freedom.We just got handed over - from the British colonial governance to the hands of United States of America.If that hurts your patriotic spirit,then I can't help it,that is the truth I am bound to accept and so are you;after all it is a truth.
In West Bengal,TMC has even pointed out freedom fighters,martyrs like Khudiram Bose and Bhagat Singh as 'terrorists'.(I can well understand that they are paying the price of being member of the Hindustan Socialists Republican Army but I just thought they deserved some honour for contributing in the freedom fight).Do you still think its anything even close to democracy here?
The respect of millions of us for all those who sacrifised their lives for freeing our country (and did not 'negotiate' with the British) shall be eternal.
Happy Independence Day to everyone.I hope we all will be able to ensue a 'social revolution' in this country by doing our own jobs well and helping the others to do them to the maximum extent possible.Have Perspectives,Thank You for reading the blog.

Disclaimer - The photograph used here does not belong to me.
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