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Thursday, September 25, 2014

All That Comes To Mind (9)

When I had first talked about The Final Cut Album,I had mentioned I will be reviewing all the songs from the album.It is a very impressive Album and there can be no questions on the fact that I love the concept and the lyrics.By tomorrow,I am going to review The Hero's Return from the album.I also apologise for not being there for a very long time.To be honest,I am going through a very tough time with all the pressure on me causing somewhat of a depression and temporary inability to write.This depression thing is seriously strange - that is the very time when I started writing in the Perspectives.I was depressed and terribly scared and the posts exhibit that very evidently.As of now,I am not being professional at all.Its just I am trying to get a few things off my head at the moment.I am past caring about the beauty of the language as well.I just want to write and that is what I am doing.I have been suffering from a few terrible (rather terrifying) incidents from the past months or so and there are so many other contributor factors as to why I am unable to write properly.However,I am just glad that I am still keeping up and not getting too sad or feeling too down.I know I have to carry this pressure being a student and I will do it unless I find my ground to stand up.I have been confused about whether to opt for Maths and Pure Science Combination or  Maths and Economics,Political Science Combination for quite a while and I think I will have to opt for the second option,though I can't say for sure totally.I cannot leave Maths in life,I cannot even imagine doing so.So,if I have to choose between the other two left,I think simply love for a subject is not enough.I love certain sections of Science and certain sections of Economics and Social Sciences but I think my true urge and capability leans towards Social Sciences (The posts in the blog speak for themselves.).Moreover,Maths and Economics studied together is considered a branch of Science,but not pure Science.If I have Maths with me,I can possibly carry out my existence well.Almost whenever I sit to study,I sit with a Maths book and even if I wake up late and keep doing Maths,it does not get me bored - ever.I have spent and still spend most of my time with my laptop to read Social Sciences,discuss certain topics,talk with politically interested people,politically involved people,people interested in Social Sciences,try to mobilise and spread our words,speak for red and write for my inner self and for the sake of my Comrades and the flag.Scientifically,Passionately and Ideologically,I would opt for a combination of Maths and Economics and Political Science.That seems to be the wise decision and I don't want to grief my choice later.
Still,I want all of you to understand the kind of tensions and pressure a teenager has to go through,especially while dealing with all tests related to studies.Decisions,Career,'A ground for standing up' and such serious things are grasping the little space of my mind and these are things that control everything - literally everything.So,I am worried.I am really worried.I just want things to go well.I hope I have my strength intact no matter how unfavourable the situations turn for me.To earn everything means working hard and I know I will have to do it.I will try as hard I can.
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