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Friday, September 26, 2014

An Entire Week of Protest : Explanation of One Communist/Socialist/Leftist Current Movement/Incident/Revolution Each Day

It has been a really long time since I have done a proper,constructive work and now I am feeling quite blank about it.Moreover,The Perspectives is finding reach in United States (Skipping 'The' before is not a grammatical error.) than any other country.There are several countries reading the blog but India is not on the exact top of the list.I am not sure if I am 'internationalising' more than 'nationalising' but there are numerous issues on this planet you cannot demarcate like that about.I love my country possibly would not mean I love the corrupt politicians and I love the capitalists here.What it means to me is that I love the idea of India,an united India and the common,honest people.What I am internationally trying to find acclaim about it refers to the same attributes.I am trying to support the working class and the common people who deserve a nice life,much like the controllers of the industry.If not economically,then socially.Since 'economy' and 'social recognition' are very close and related terms,we seem to confuse and have some misconceptions between them.The basic reason why Communism itself is just a beautiful utopia is because we cannot bring economic equality.It is a theory,it cannot be possible practically.That is why it was called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and not 'Union of Soviet Communist Republics'.(Courtesy of the example : Lambert Meertens,IOPS) So,even if we cannot bring economic equality,we can bring social equality to a considerable extent.That we provide the workers in the coal mines proper safety,medical facilities and several other things practically is scientific and that we consider them more of social servers rather than subjecting them to ignorance as low,downtrodden or just a different class called 'workers' who do not deserve human rights is what we need to do.The otherwise so done is called a moral crime.Coming back to our topic of 'vague internationalisation' that leftists are subjected to very often,the world does not remain demarcated with boundaries that human beings themselves created.You can refer to this post by Professor Gary Stuard from University of Houston to get a better idea of what is Ecosocialism,why is it necessary and that if today the exploitation that a particular country such as United States is practising continues,we all are bound to suffer for those few individuals who use resources at a forty times higher rate than an average Somalian (and don't you dare blame 'The Third World' after this).

Long Live Red.Long Live Revolution.

So,if people are reading The Perspectives,it is justified.I don't know how many of them are blaming 'a mere Asian' for speaking against men of such esteemed value,but for my part,I would just continue doing it as long as I think what I am doing is right.This entire week,I am going to post on Politics,introduce guest posts on one different Communist/Socialist/Leftist movement everyday like Occupy Wall Street,the case of Catholics and Protestants earlier discussed in this post and what actually happened about Gaza and why it really happened.The posts won't be based on emotions.I will economically and logically prove it,so considering these posts to be a teenager's emotionally motivated words won't be the exact thing to do.

I apologise for not reviewing 'The Hero's Return' today.I have been reading about 'Indie Rock' and its various sub-genres lately and I intend to post something about Floyd soon.The review will be coming up in mid-week.

Disclaimer - The photograph used does not belong to me.

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