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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year When The Sky Is Awake

I clicked these photographs this afternoon,just as the evening started to approach,so it can be justifiably said I clicked them at dusk.I do not think I am an extraordinary photographer and the entire credit goes to the eternal creator,the unknown,the mysterious artist who created this piece of artwork.

An essence of the approaching evening

The sky truly was amazing,with both brightness and a subtle calmness,equally indulged and blended to give rise to the most mystical feelings you can have sometimes looking at nature around you.The clicks were snapped from a very ordinary location,yet everything seemed so beautiful.The beauty itself covered everything else and gave rise to a new hope and faith,the capital you truly need at the beginning of a year.

Sun rays mingling with the clouds at dusk

A world beyond words

A tale of sun rays at dusk

I have lost count of how many times I have watched 'Frozen' and this particular sentence was repeated twice in the movie,once by little Elsa and once by Olaf : "The sky is awake......".For what exact reason I do not know,the philosophy readily seemed very intriguing to me.So,that is what I have used in the title of the post.
I would not say a lot about the photographs,they themselves are speaking of their own beauty.The sky was awake and awake enough for us to notice.The creation was something beyond words and there were no crackers bursting within sight,so there was no fire and no smoke and no fear of loosing the chance to see such an exhibition of perfection but everything in a mechanised city to be covered with smog.The view was so amazing that I perhaps forgot about everything else and was thinking about a new year,new subjects,new studies,new targets,new ideas and new hopes of changing perspectives towards what is right,towards a better world,with better understanding within the environment and the common people.

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