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Thursday, March 26, 2015

All That Comes To Mind (13)

The last time I wrote a 'All That Comes To Mind' post was on 5th December. Right now,I have so much free time that I am having trouble trying to figure out my day's tasks. A regular task is room decor but apart from that I am doing all the weird things I never would have done unless the situation was not what it is right now - a typical tropical,summery spring,warm sunshine,long days,short nights,touch-me-not blooms and an amazing breeze.

I am listening to some old favourites from Pink Floyd and am having some thoughts to review a few songs in near future.

I went out to a village called 'Mayamari' all alone today and though it is not out of the district,it was thrilling to venture quite far from home on my own. Moreover,as I went closer and closer to the village,the cacophony of the mechanical vehicles faded away and was replaced by a fairly loud call of wild crickets.The sound rang like xylophones and it was amazingly beautiful and something that I had never thought would be possible to discover within my own hometown,near this known river's mighty flow! The village is beautiful,too,as described in and is covered with natural and artificial vegetation along its paths.The wheat fields and the Shorea Robusta (Sal trees) forests only add to the beauty of the scenario.
Though the journey fared out quite tiring (especially because the weather is very warm in the months of late March to May) I really enjoyed my own company along the path lined with a huge Banyan tree and bamboo trees along the river's side. 

The typical scenario in rural areas of West Bengal

Where the green in the horizon seeks freedom in the 'canopy of blue'

Paddy fields - a mixture of lively green and gold

A closer view of the crop field

The mighty flow beside the far-stretched branches of an old Banyan tree

A partial view of the Banyan tree

I am currently reading 'On Ethics and Economics' and 'The Idea of Justice', both written by Amartya Sen.I still want to read in details on Adam Smith but not before I complete what I am currently reading.

I am continuing with Maths,Economics,Economic Geography,English as both my first and second language in Class XI,with extra preparation of Statistics.I absolutely love my subject combination and though it needs constant hard work and efforts,I would love my job - both studying and working with them later on.

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