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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fundamentalism : How Does It Help? (1)

Post written as a tribute to Late Abhijit Roy and Late Washiqur Rahman,both of whom where atheist bloggers.

And the list continues!

If fundamentalists are to be blamed,even more intensely should they be blamed who supply them with ammunition.So,if ISIS/ISIL is to be blamed,none the less will the state authority of USA have to accept the blame because they supply these groups of psychopathic haters with enough ammunition to retain their hellish activities,everyday.
There is a lot more to this world than just excelling further in economic prosperity but there seems to be no use of ideologically criticising the government of USA anymore.This requires practical criticism,something in the form of popular struggle from anarchist perspectives to force them to stop supplying ammunition to at least these so called 'Islamic' Terrorist Groups.However,I myself cannot remember the last time the state government of the 'harbingers of democracy' in the contemporary world listened to the people about the vast array of deeds they perform that negatively impacts the people,the environment,the planet and all the creatures living in it.They have simply imposed their statutory right to speak and the public speaks and the government and all the administrators shut their ears and do whatever brings 'economic prosperity'.Well then,I have to use Noam Chomsky's tweaked version of a comment on Liberalisation - There is nothing about prosperity in the kind of economic prosperity the government and the capitalists that controls the government of USA  are always dealing with.[Original opinion was - "There is nothing liberal about liberalism."]
What prosperity do you find in feudalism? Feudalism came into a concrete concept right after the era of hunters and cultivators,from that very time when monarchy evolved.The entire load of taxation for the 'welfare of the society' was imposed on those people who sustained the very concept of society,yet were (and still are) the worst of the economically vulmerable population.
Moreover,those people control UNO who themselves supply jihadists with ammunition! Those people control UNEP who are clearing out vast tracts of the Amazon every single day!Isn't that very ironical? USA is a country where the richest 1% contributes to approximately 23.5% of the total national income (as of 2010)! [Read the post on Occupy Wall Street here.]
This was just to explain the accuracy of the functioning of capitalist democracy.Secondly,the entire administrative body is extremely harmful.True that they are hunting down some of the location camps of ISIS terrorists but they are supplying them with the required ammunition at the same time.
Coming to those psychopaths who call themselves jihadis,think perhaps they are doing a noble job by decapitating people and creating videos showing the farthest extents of brutality possible. I can't interpret the psychology of these people completely but I feel they might be suffering from some kind of psychological problems because they are psychopathic killers and nothing else.All of them are not originally Muslims even! For eg.The masked figure shown in this photograph is known by the name 'Jihadi John' and has a London accent according to scholars.So,Islamic Fundamentalism is able to impose its propaganda even in the less conservative European culture.
Fundamentalism has almost grown into an essential feature of religion these days.As if to kill people who belong to a so called different religion are supposed to be shot,decapitated and punished by members of the other religion.Which god has given them such advice is however beyond our knowledge. 

Snapshot from ISIS video showing decapitation of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa

Jihadism (jihadist movement, jihadi movement and variants) is used to refer to contemporary armed jihad in Islamic fundamentalism. The term "jihadism" was coined in the 2000s and mostly used to cover Islamic insurgency and terrorism since that time, but it has also been extended to cover both Mujahideen guerilla warfare and Islamic terrorism with an international scope since it arose in the 1980s, since the 1990s substantially represented by the al-Qaeda network.
Doesn't it sound like a joke when people want to take action against everyone else,apart from their particular community?How can you even imagine an era where every woman is supposed to wear burkas and cover every part of their body,from the tips of their nails to their hair,except the only pair of sensory organs required to see?
True that the state machinery created Osama bin Laden for removing communist rule from Afghanistan but I am quite sure these jihadists do not even know why they are doing what they are doing right now.Islamic terrorism is not new,it is just that the brutality is intensifying with time.
I am not saying there is no violence in Hinduism,Christianity or Zionism.In fact,I had a ferocious feeling acting inside when I saw the government of Israel's unforgiving actions on the innocent civilians of Palestine.The problem is right there,in the evolution of how religion is coming up in the contemporary world,spreading nothing but endless hatred and even more hatred. Close your eyes and you will see the blood dripping from David's star and the golden moon!
The kind of brutality ISIS has been trying to let the world know through their dirty actions is not doing anything but enraging the entire world to think every Muslim,irrespective of what he or she personally believes in as a source of constant terror.
There is one very important point here.ISIS is not just a threat to Hindus,Sikhs,Pagans,Christians,Zoroastrians,Atheists or Shias or Qurds.ISIS is a big threat to the existence of any civilization on this planet and so is Al-Qaeda,Muzahideen or Hindu fundamentalists.However,very neutrally judging,the brutality sourced from fundamentalism has never been so intense in history before.
It again is a good joke to think who sympathises for murderers unless they belong to the same species of murderers.I am also not sure why Allah would even like to communicate with psychopathic black flag bearers and instruct them to demolish living souls and that too,without reason.Allah exists,but in the purest part of each soul alive on this planet and Allah would never instruct to kill,to slay,to demolish.What salvation Al-Qaeda seeks I do not know but the best treatment would be to isolate these people and regularly make them consult with psychiatrists.That might bring out the proper,specific reason as to why this is happening and who are the top row masterminds controlling this game of blood.
The brainwashing is not requiring too much time,either.So many Europeans who have nothing to do with 'Jihadism' and were not even born in such environments are enjoying the brutality at ISIS terror camps.So,either this killer instinct is increasing for some reason we are unable to find out specifically or the brainwashing process is so advanced that they are outweighing words of peace just that easily.
The best weapon to adopt to currently is being sceptic but that too evolves with the kind of environment you are nurtured in.If you can question mannerism,then you can question 
age-old,useless believes and obviously psychopathic attributes.
Scientifically,it should be immediately surveyed and subsequently researched as to why is this happening.Why the state machinery of USA is supplying ammunition can be understood,though and requires no further surveys.

Also posted here on IOPS.

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