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Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Detailed Travel Experience at Balashore,Orissa,India (Updated)

Orissa is truly dynamic in terms of its natural geography.The richness and elegance present in the vivid scenarios of the morning sky in Chandipur,the amazing view of the Indian Ocean (Bay of Bengal,to be specific),the wildlife present in the hilly regions and the historical heritage is in one word - incredible.In this post,I am going to share my experience of a tour I have recently have had in Balashore district of Orissa.Part 1 will consist of basically landscape photography,consisting of scenarios clicked at Chandipur beach,river Budhabalanga and Nilagiri Hills and a part of my experiences that is expressible in words in these places.

Sunset above a sand dune covered with vegetation near Chandipur beach

An early morning view of the Indian Ocean at Chandipur beach

The beach at Chandipur,at first sight will be of special significance to sea lovers.The beach is not sandy at all,in fact the entire shoreline is very muddy,consisting of clayey,soft soil.What makes Chandipur a real attraction to tourists is that the beach is one of the weirdest beaches in the world. (Check this link here.) The water goes back covering a distance of upto 5 km leaving the still wet and muddy beach aside for travellers. I remember going straight ahead covering at least 4.5 km to 5 km distance to reach the waves and it was amazing,except for the continuous sounds of bullets being tested from the Indian Army's Integrated Test Range (ITR) located nearby.That noise really made the environment tragic.I wonder how much harm they have already caused to the marine life by testing missiles.

"Sunshine In The Waters Look So Lovely"

To talk about the marine life,you can see a vast array of different types of marine organisms here including several varieties of crustaceans,hydras,crabs and several other creatures.Anyhow,it was a pleasure watching  snails walk on the land under shallow,muddy water and hydras spewing black,grain like particles before pulling in their tentacles due to the sound of the shutter of the camera while clicking photographs.

"Sunshine Almost Always Makes Me High"

"Aimlessly So Blue......"

"Silence drifting through......" 

You would think I am writing this caption for writing something poetic,meanwhile ignoring the fact of the roaring of the ocean.But there was hardly any roaring except for in the afternoon or night.The ocean was very calm and very silent and submissive,unlike I had seen anywhere before.
Notice that vegetation right there in the photograph? Partially,a lining of natural vegetation occupies the place but to prevent erosion perhaps,some artificial afforestation have been done by the government authorities since the soil is sandy up there in the dunes.

Angels in mid-sea!

Not really angels,these are nets used for catching fishes by local fishermen but apparently they did look like angel wings from the place the photograph was taken,which was partially inside the sea in the sense that my legs were half drowned in there.


A click from halfway up the slope of one of the sand dunes!

The clouds look like waves in an ocean from here......

Bravely - She welcomes the sky......

Want to go inside the groves?

A click of river Budhabalanga

Boatmen in mid-river (Budhabalanga)

Budhabalanga......As soothing as monsoon breeze on a hot summer's day

The calm river on a cloudy day......

The day did seem favourable for photography.It was cloudy with very mild drizzling at times but the condition was well enough for clicking photographs.The river was sweetly calm,with mild breezes blowing and there were only a handful of fishermen trying to earn their day's living.

Sunset up the sand dune near Chandipur beach......

An Exhibition of Delicate Elegance by ...... the unknown artist!

A view of a part of The Nilagiri Hills

Trekking up there is risky,the rocks aren't certainly very favourable for climbing up......

A click from the foothills of The Nilagiri Hills

The far stretched continuation of The Nilagiri Hills

Mystic yet Tender!

The visit to Nilagiri Hills was an absolute delight! The weather was not too cool as it is in hilly areas,owing to the moderate climate influenced by the presence of the Bay of Bengal nearby.Nevertheless,it was an amazing experience to travel to every single place I have got a chance to travel in Balashore.The calm ocean,the learned hills,the beautiful wildlife,the unexpectedly varying topography,the slopes,the curves,the roads,the weather,the rain;everything combined together gave birth to the incredible experience I have had in these few days.This has been by far one of the best trips I have got a chance to be a part of.

Update (05/07/2015) : Here is a short video to take you a little into the sea!

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