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Saturday, April 11, 2015

All That Comes To Mind (14)

These days,I have been finding a very new passion for photography in myself. I was simply interested in photography - not particularly passionate even a few months ago.However,I am loving to keep a record of the minute details of beauty in everything I found around myself.

Leaves of an Elephant Apple tree in dusk

My favourite view from the rooftop - silhouette trees in evening's light

Apart from photography,I had a second trip yet to that same village I wrote about in All That Comes To Mind (13) ! No doubts I loved it all yet again.I had a really nice time with the ladies from my family,now that we went together and spent at least 30-45 mins lying down in a space beside the river layered with bamboo leaves,inside a bamboo grove!
I agree it makes you really sweaty and very tired after walking long distances in the summer's Sun with its glowing tropical pride but this country is nothing without its villages.The vast green stretches of crop fields,the simplicity of the rural people,the horizons where the green of the fields try to meet eternity through contact with the sky;everything is amazing.
Remember I was talking about the room decor I had been investing time in which I wrote about in the last post of this series?
Now that I am finished with the job,I have clicked some photographs just to share the excitement and relief and pleasure that you get after working for it.
I made a photo board loaded with the first few of my favourite photographs.I will keep updating this board with new photographs every once in a while.
Here are two snaps of that board.

The photograph board in my room

(The first two snaps in the left are BDM's clicks and there are a few other photographs related to him.And I am so unapologetic that I have put them up there.The photograph in the bottom middle os of my parents and the Labrador Retriever shown beside that photograph is of my sweet sister,Lettuce.)

The photograph board in my room

I wanted to something with beaded curtains and since this room is cuboidal in shape and it would have been tough to get them fixed in the middle of the room,I fixed them near my balcony door,on the inside so that whenever I enter the room,I get the essence of artistry.I love the wind chime too.When a cool breeze blows through the window beside my desk,it speaks in sweet musical sound and it looks nice with the leaves and beaded curtains.The clicks however are not as impressive as the things look in reality due to the dim light and the clicks snapped in Flash mode.

Door decor! The words written in black over the white paper are all my favourite lyrics,at least the top favourites.

Door decor with beaded curtains and leaves!

A wall side and a little portion out of the other wall beside it was chosen for a wall painting right beside the bed and most of the fine work was done by my Mom. I just contributed by painting the walls blue in four coats and then painting the moon by using three different shades of white/pearly white,the detail is not showing much in the photographs though.

Night scene wall painting

Night scene wall painting

The photograph below is one of my most favourite photographs of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez.
They look so beautiful and warm together! Anyhow,I have always been very romantic about Bob Dylan himself and these days when I listen to his works, I often feel like I don't love him anymore,I breathe him over and over again.

Top (Left to Right) : Bob Dylan and Joan Baez
Bottom (Left to Right) : Mimi Baez and Joan Bridge

I am perhaps going to review a few more songs from this particular album by Simon and Garfunkel as 'The Sound of Silence' was an absolute delight to the ears and mind at the same time.The song was philosophically enriching and very genuine at the same time.I love individual musical pieces like this that retain their uniqueness while being so beautiful.

Sounds of Silence : The first bestselling album by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel 

Disclaimer - Unless watermarked,the photographs do not belong to me.

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