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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fundamentalism : How Does It Help? (2)

I have been reading 'Understanding Power : The Indispensable Chomsky' written by Noam Chomsky for a while and at the same time I have been trying to clear my concepts about government secrecy and how exactly the state machinery of the U.S.A works. I certainly do agree to the fact that the dissidence that was caused by the common public in the U.S.A in the last few decades,it has had some impact on how the government functions which we cannot numerically estimate as to how much impact this dissidence truly has had or how many lives has been actually saved by limiting the terrorist operations used by the U.S.A. 
Now,The Perspectives is unique in the approach towards fundamentalism because most of the bloggers and journalists (who are operated by the capitalist media) are involved in blindly accusing the Muslim terrorist organisations,without mentioning for once where the ammunition is coming from.Of course those terrorist organisations are inhuman,cruel,devilish and psychotically perverted above everything else but if they are not provided the loads of ammunition that they are provided by the United Terrorist States of America,then the reduction in the extent of terror the world is having to face today would be mention-worthy.
Those so called Islamic Terrorist Organisations (So called in the sense that neither 'Islam',nor 'Hinduism',nor 'Christianity',nor anything else deals with the terribly violent activities they are exhibiting.This is something that evolved with the entrance of the clergy who wanted to dominate society and enjoy well being,have a certain economic security,a social position with no investment and no real knowledge by creating a false realm of fear that did not pratically even exist.) would however still continue to get ammunition through false identity claims and through other clandestine methods but that would not create as much terror as it is today since the amount would be a minor percentage of the loads of weapons that the U.T.S.A is providing them today,simply for money and a general ignorance for other societies and common people that they have possessed since the birth of international imperialism.
U.S.A is really number one,as I read professor talking Chomsky for the umpteenth time that this country does not buy terrorists,it does not simply support their propaganda,it buys up terrorist states itself!
America started supporting Jundallah in Iraq for economic dominance over the world,i.e for single handedly controlling the business of oil from that very region. The murdering of Saddam Hussain further proves what their real interests were.

Osama bin Laden with Afghan Mujahideen 

Let us now talk about,say Osama bin Laden and Maktab al-Khidamat.

MAK established recruitment and fundraising offices in many Western countries, the United States being one of their main fund-raising destinations. The first offices in the United States were established within the Al Kifah Refugee Center in Brooklyn, and at the Islamic Center in Tucson, Arizona. On his fundraising tours Abdullah Azzam visited the mosques of "Brooklyn, St. Louis, Kansas City, Seattle, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego - altogether there were 33 cities in America that opened branches of bin Laden and Azzam's organization, the Services Bureau, in order to support the jihad." 

The Al Kifah Centre in Brooklyn was originally operated by Mustafa Shalabi, a close associate of MAK’s co-founder Abdullah Azzam. In February 1991, Shalabi was found murdered inside his New York apartment.

It is believed[by whom?] that like Azzam, Shalabi had become embroiled in a power struggle with supporters of Bin Laden, namely Omar Abdel-Rahman (the Blind Sheikh) and his followers from the Al Farouq Mosque. In 1995 Abdel-Rahman was convicted for his part in a plot, known as the ‘Day of Terror Plot’, to bomb various New York City landmarks. It is also alleged that Rahman had intimate knowledge of the original World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

The subsequent investigations by the FBI into the Al-Farooq Mosque and Al Kifah Refugee Centre effectively dismantled the New York office of MAK.

How do you think this happens when U.S.A comprises of such a devastating state force that kills 200,000 people in Central America in a matter of months? How do you think an organisation like MAK survives in the U.S.A unless U.S.A supports it? You better answer yourself!

The Contra Rebels in Nicaragua (The terrorists funded by U.S.A)

So jihad is not the only interconnection between fundamentalism and terrorism,there is a presence of a third and basic element here,something that aids and intensifies both fundamentalism and terrorism.

From where does ISIS get their ammunition? How do they spread their propaganda including photographs,videos as media.So,someone has to host these on the web and why isn't 'renowned' websites like Dailymotion and YouTube blocking them?Shouldn't these videos where people are decapitated or burnt alive be censored by our favourite social media?Who will answer such questions?

Data Credit : Wikipedia

[Part 3 yet to come.]
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