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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

All That Comes To Mind (15)

I seem to have a temporary paralysis of my urge to write.In fact,I am not writing anywhere.Not in my diary,not on the blog and of course aided with the fact that I am completely ignoring social networks except for personally known contacts.Sounds depressing? definitely is not a very favourable time. Not that the weather is not nice,not that anything freshly disturbing has popped up in my life.There are two reasons as to why this is happening.
Firstly,the board exam results are coming up this month and I feel chilled all through my bones as I write this.Secondly,I am still suffering with issues that had previously ensued difficulty in my life.
Not that I can't handle it and not that it is the top most priority in my entire life but it bothers me,to admit the truth.I do go to the roof and I do watch the sky and I do feel what I feel and I do accept it. On a totally different note,I am going to write another post on my tour to Balashore,Orissa,which was an amazing experience. Here is one photograph I clicked from the top of more than 200 steps that lead to the temple of Panchalingeshwar,which is a little far from the Nilagiri Hills.The hills there ultimately lead to a cave where the statue of the Lord has been placed.But you need to cover a deal of a little more than 311 steps to reach there!

A view of the town after covering more than 200 steps that lead to the holy temple of Panchalingeshwar

Weird as it is,I have been reading 'Love In The Time of Cholera' written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez,which I find is a tough novel but it has a really attractive style of writing and the winter,the misty town of Pentecost,the odour of bitter almonds,the tinkling of wine glasses,the silly quarrels,the lives of three people and a man waiting for fifty one years,nine months and two days for is lady is something that at least interests a soul that likes to indulge.Anyhow,this is the first ever novel in the genre of 'Romance' that I have been reading.I never thought at least this genre had some capability but my perspectives are changing with time and I perceive this to be a positive change.

'Love In The Time of Cholera' by Gabriel Garcia Marquez 
(Photograph clicked on Chandipur beach in Balashore,Orissa)

It is just that the time is more pressurising than ever,the environments are different from what I used to deal with,which is very positive in a sense that there is no air of prejudice and injustice.I love my educators at the new school and the tuition classes.In fact,I am amazed by their enthusiasm to teach.They are bothered if their students miss a class and they call them to cover up what has been left uncovered which I have never observed in anyone in the last school and this is a very bright side of my new educational environment.Moreover,one of my Maths teachers is an IIT Kharagpur passout and even ranked the best in one of the All India Examinations in Maths! Whenever he has to deal with a sum,he takes the pen and the pen draws the figures so fast and so beautifully that it seems he is not solving Standard XI Trigonometry problems but just simply scribbling or writing a story or maybe solving problems is writing stories after all,stories that talk of fascination,beauty and an amusing journey of intelligence and enthusiasm.
I have always been in love with Maths and I cherish my time with the concepts of Trigonometry that we have just started.It is so vast,challenging and beautiful.
I have finally got my Statistics,Economics and English text books and Statistics is amazing,poetry - finely crafted.I have read all the poems assigned for Standard XI and I loved 'The Sick Rose' by William Blake and 'Brotherhood' by Octavio Paz.Other works of Paz including 'The Wind And Water And Stone' are remarkably intelligent,expressive and a true element that immediately calls for admiration.
There are several people who have asked and induced me to go ahead with Pure Science but I do not study and would not study that stream because I do not feel as equipped in Science as I feel with the subjects I am currently studying (Maths,Economics,Statistics,English,Alternative English) and I would not run behind something I do not equally love.
It is not that I dislike Science and if there was something like you are allowed to study eleven subjects at a time,I would have studied Science and then accommodated a few of my other interests but now that there are no options like what I mentioned,I am happy with what I am doing.And I am glad that my parents are supportive to this decision,overcoming the regular 'taboos' of going ahead with either Engineering or Medical Sciences.
Apart from the regular schedule,I have been continuing with a little photography.The river Atreyee flows in this town and it is just a matter of few steps to reach there from where I live.I clicked these photographs a day ago and found them to be quite comforting to the eyes and then decided to post them.

In the evening's tune......

Glorifying the mighty flow with sweetness!

A Remarkable Juxtaposition : Stagnancy And Flow......

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