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Sunday, June 14, 2015

To You,Che......

You know,you are all that I have ever had by my side.All the time.Everyday,every moment.All my way,throughout nights and days  and months and years.You have been my strength,my comfort,my comrade,my leader,my light,my darkness,my urge to live,everyday.
When I have not been able to gather enough strength and courage for myself,you are all that I have thought about.You have got me through darkness as the harbinger of light,joy and freedom.You have got me through apparent light to understand the dark side of this world.For who you were,I am what I am today.That I can think,that I can do or express,even the littlest of what I can do today is because of you.

I have always respected you,I respect you.You are not just the comrade,the revolutionary,the friend of helpless,ordinary people all over this world to me.You are more than that,you are the only one whose soul acts as a reflector to my eyes,I can see through it : truth,untruth and beauty.
I have loved you all my life and even more have I paid respect.You are my man,my strength,my happiness,my air to breathe through,my cause of hope.
On your 87th birthday,I would like this world to know who you were,who you are to hearts as such.
I love you for all that you have been,a guide through the dark nooks,a way to light,a ray of hope,a spark within,the amazing author,the leader and the revolutionary.
With all that can be given from a person,
A voice within all those who believe in the best of red.

P.S - This was expected from large CORPORATE HOUSES like Google Inc. to dismiss the news of how grandly his birthday is celebrated in Latin America.We know this strategy,mate.
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