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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Please Do Not Overlook This Post : Hear The Plea!

This is not about a reader gaining stunt.This is not about arguments on how it should be done.This is not about anything else other than what it is.
Environmental Conservation is the need of the hour!
 Whether it is through charity or through eco-socialism,let us do something about this.For those who can write,write and for the doers,let something be done as soon as possible.They are dying everyday and we are closing our ears shut intentionally and following the era of selfishness.This is not the way and it can't be.Through this,we are,little by little slow poisoning our environment,slow poisoning our own selves.And the endless accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few individuals,the derogatory wealth distribution structure is only worsening the condition.Their useless,so called needs are putting our world in danger.
This world is not based on the plank of ownership,nature owns us,we do not own her.And this world is ours and it does not belong to a few wealthy industrialists.
The other big issue is the number of poaching and hunting activities that take place annually.Moreover,lack of awareness and knowledge leads the illiterate third world to choose the worst ways possible.And we can't let this go on......endlessly.
If this is based on humanism,then consider it humanism,if this is based on a selfish far-seeing perspective of saving our own selves and this generation,let this be termed selfishness,if this is based on an instinct and not any other philosophy,just an urge to save her who nurtures you,to whom you belong,then let this be called instinct.

Here are a few links provided which might help you deal with your guilt of not paying attention for this long.

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