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Saturday, June 13, 2015

UPSC Maths Problems Challenge : A Problem A Day! (Day 1)

Yesterday,I posted my own solution to a question that came in the UPSC exams and could be solved only by the IAS Topper (2014) Gaurav Agarwal. Keeping in mind that I myself am preparing for the examinations,(this being the right time for starting the preparation since the syllabus,as I already said is ocean-like,very vast and huge and requires a lot of knowledge and practice.) and with the increasing load of the Class XI syllabus,it is next to impossible to keep up the standards of blogging on the huge selection of topics I have been trying to maintain.
So,currently I decided to take a Maths Problem Challenge where I would be solving a Maths problem everyday that was included in the UPSC question papers in the recent years.
Solving sums keeps me happy (All my subjects are somehow connected to Maths.)and at the same time,I think it is a very interesting topic for students and other readers and nerds.The response on the little post I had written yesterday was nice enough according to me and I have not decided when to actually end this challenge.I will do this as long as it brings me happiness!

Today's Problem (13/06/2015)

1.A dealer sells his goods 30% above the cost price but allows a discount of 15% for cash payment .Find the gain percent.

Question Credit :

This is a really simple problem but lack of strategy often results in creating doubts and might not be a favourable issue.So,let's continue with the solution.

Let the Cost Price (Abbreviated to C.P) be ₹ 100. Given that the man is selling his goods at 30% above the cost price,the C.P now is ₹ (100 + 30) = ₹ 130. 
Given that he allows a discount of 15% on this C.P,the ultimate cost price is ₹(130 - discount amount).
Here,discount = ₹ {(15/100) * 130} = ₹ 19.5
So,the selling price is ₹ (130 - 19.5) = ₹ 110.5
Gain% = {(S.P - C.P)/C.P * 100}% = {(110.5 - 100) * 100}% = 10.5%
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