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Saturday, June 20, 2015

UPSC Maths Problems Challenge : A Problem A Day! (Day 9)

Now,this is a really interesting,confusing problem and one of the conventional simply confusing category questions you often see at UPSC Practice Papers.After an easy dose of yesterday,today's sum is at least going to make you stop and think for a minute,if not more.It is a simple logic based problem involving weekdays and a little strategy will work well enough for solving the problem.Hope this helps.Read on to find out the answer to this problem.

Today's Problem(21/06/2015)

Question Credit :

A man has a job, which requires him to work 8 straight days and rest on the ninth day. If he started work on Monday, find the day of the week on which he gets his 12th rest day.

Since the 9th day is supposed to be his rest day, (12 * 9) th day,i.e 108 th day is going to be his rest day.So,if we divide 107 by 7,we get quotient 15 and remainder 2,which means that the rest day is going to be a Wednesday.We divide 1o7 by 7 and not 108 by 7 because 108th day itself is his rest day.
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