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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Say NO To TTIP And CETA : Right Now!

This petition has been signed by more than 2 million people across Europe on War On Want.Please help save the world and the people living in it.TTIP and CETA lead to a path of destruction from where there is no coming back.
They allow fracking and genetic modification.
They allow complete commercialisation of the health service,which is supposed to be meant for public.They will,in a sense demolish the wealth distribution structure and do it better than Ronald Reagan could.They will literally poison people everyday for industrialist's own interests of profit and this can't be let to happen.

Why Say A 'No'?

Do you want the health service run in the public interest? Do you want to protect the future of our environment? Do you want to stop the loss of one million jobs? Do you want to preserve our food industry from genetically modified organisms or harmful chemicals? These and other sectors will be hit by TTIP, the new trade deal being cooked up in secret between the EU and US government.

War on Want is working with partners across Europe to give voice to the outraged public response to TTIP, demanding that the European Commission listen to its citizens. You can join that call here.

After the launch of a formal European Citizens Initiative in July 2014 calling for an end to negotiations on both the EU-US and EU-Canada trade talks (TTIP and CETA, respectively), and demanding a new approach to EU trade policy that puts jobs, people, public services and the environment before corporate profit, we received a rejection from the European Commission, read our response here.

If the European Commission thinks we are just going to roll over, it can think again. With our sister organisations across Europe, we will now challenge the decision directly at the European Court of Justice.

You can help by signing up to our self-organised petition that will operate regardless!

Please share this page and get as many people as you can to join our call. #noTTIP

Stop TTIP and CETA

The EU soon intends to sign two far-reaching trade agreements: one with Canada (CETA = Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) and one with the USA (TTIP = Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). The official line is that this will create jobs and increase economic growth. However, the beneficiaries of these agreements will be big corporations, not citizens:

Investor-State-Dispute Settlement (ISDS): Canadian and US companies would have the right to sue for damages if they believe that they have suffered losses because of government decisions (for instance new laws to protect the environment or consumer rights).

Improving or even maintaining our standards for food, labour rights, environmental protection and consumer rights will become much harder.

Liberalisation and privatisation would effectively become irreversible.

The EU and its member states would come under pressure to allow risky technologies such as fracking or genetic modification.

CETA and TTIP would increase the power of multinationals at the expense of democracy and the public. We must not allow this to happen! Please sign our European Citizens’ Initiative!

  Disclaimer : This post is based on the propagation of an initiative originally taken by War on Want.
War on Want fights against the root causes of poverty and human rights violations, as part of the worldwide movement for global justice. 

It is a kind request to all sensible and well-informed citizens of Europe to sign this petition and if possible,head to this link and donate to this cause (and other noble causes) on War On Want.
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