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Saturday, August 15, 2015

All That Comes To Mind (19)

All through the course of this year,I have been putting more efforts in pleasing readers and gathering social acclaim for a few important causes I have been focusing on.So,I thought of doing a post on something I scribbled in my Maths copy (while solving Trigonometry problems) somewhere in late July (that is,last month). 
I am not sure what this is,it might be a poem (I'll be glad if someone accepts it that way since I have stopped writing poetry more than an year ago) though I cannot say for sure;it might be anything else,a scribbled note in typed form,a failed attempt to recollect emotions in tranquility,a note,a letter,just anything you perceive it to be!

The Real Virtuality

There is that sorrow
That clings to you,like your own essence or odour
However you wish to take it;
And it never gets off you
And you don't know how to get rid of it's reflection from your eyes
That is why you pretend to prefer a curve in your lips
So that it overcomes the delusion of what is reality
Which lies virtually
In your eyes......
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