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Monday, September 28, 2015

A 1.5 Year Break from Blogging!

I will be including a copy of my Facebook status that I posted a few days ago.

"I started blogging when I could not tolerate the tension of my SA1 Class IX results alone anymore.I remember it was a mixture of a sunny and shadowy day and it was noon when I wrote my first post on tastes and how you could taste what you hear,hear what you feel and a strange post on dimensions on senses.I remember about 50 people reading my blog that day and it instigated me to post further and further and further......The Perspectives has crossed 33,000 (35,000+ views now). My Google+ Page has crossed over 280,000+ (295,000+ now views right now.)The blog has been read in 113 (115 now) countries till date.@blogperspective on Twitter is followed by Faded Paper FiguresAli SpagnolaBrian HazzardBen LandisSprukeBrian BrushwoodJohn IllsleyDarren KavinokySean Beeson | Composer for Media, @kencaillat,The CringeChris BarronThe University TimesBúscame en el ciclo de la vidaThe London Economic, Joe Mellor (Deputy Editor of TLE), Amran Hussain to mention a few names.This includes Grammy Award winning artists,authors,editors,Trinity College Dublin Official Newspaper,other London based news houses,Labour Party associations,leaders,NHS officers,Discovery show hosts, National Geographic show hosts and others.I have written to (and been replied from) directors like Nagesh Kukunoor,whom I respect so much for his brave work.This is such a blessing.I have received an article from a scientist with an Erdos number of 3,who has been teaching for several years at the most reputed institution for Maths and Computer Sciences in the Netherlands,the honourable Lambert Meertens.I have been accepted by famed French journalist Marie-Odile Monchicourt in LinkedIn a few days ago.I owe you guys so much for steering me through my tough times and building such a lovely inspirational network for someone as ordinary as me.You guys do not even know what blessing it feels like to be from a suburban,little place and get in contact with esteemed souls like you.It makes me feel so warm and nice and like I am going to make it someday,in future.You help me dream.Thank you The Perspectives for letting me dream what I could never have dreamed or achieved without you,ever.I love you and all of these people who have kept me alive and inspired."

There is actually a lot more to say and I will say my words because I believe they have substance in them.I am still in a state where my fingers do not want to type that I will have to stop for a while.This is very intensely painful,in case I have to mention it.I can feel unspoken things forming cloudy,vapourising things inside,like gushing winds on a warm land that has absorbed sunshine for a time so long that it desires raindrops right now.
No,my family does not force me to stop writing,neither will they ever do that.It is not my teachers.It is just myself who knows that I have to make a choice right now.A careeristic choice.A pragmatic choice.Blogging will always be a part of my job since I cannot live without writing.I just can't support life without writing.So,may be I will be writing one or two posts a month but otherwise,I will have to shut off for a while,so that I can say what I am saying with bolder logic,with my own place on the ground to stand on.I have my Class XII Board Exams coming up next year and a few scholarship programmes coming up this winter and later on as well.So,that gives a clear idea of why I am having to work hard and concentrate on my academics right now.
I am sure people will still like reading what I write since I neither do sponsored posts,nor advertisements.I writing for writing's own sake.I write for me and I write for you.
The pressure of academics has been getting steeper quite unforgivingly recently and I do not know if I have any other choice than to mute other activities to the minimum level and concentrate only on the academics if I want to get where I want to get to.I do not want to be working at the multinational corporations which I believe are the sources of most of the problems of society right now,I do not want to be an engineer at the IIT,I do not want to be a doctor earning a lot and I do not want to be a petty something.I want to quietly get to the scholarly part of the planet where people receive more education than technical training.I want to speak for those whose voices are unheard.I want to get to the core of Economics,beyond everything to the core and know it and speak it so that you know it and then you can get on the street with a truth as your support.That is MY goal.And somehow,that is YOURS,too.
It is still painful in a sense that I gave up learning Hindustani Classical Music,I gave up reciting,I gave up Quizzing,I gave up Elocution,I gave up diary writing,I gave up everything to achieve this.I will certainly not give up blogging,now that I have received a little bit of acclaim and reach,a reach not to show myself in pinks,purples and oranges and twenty five thousand kind of lip glosses,I believe I am not a guinea pig and you are not a fool (whoever is reading this post right now) and that is why I try my best to let you know.
I co-ordinate with War on Want and Buscame en el ciclo de la vida at the moment,so I will still be posting non-written posts sent to me by them (at least they are not written by me) but still they give people a real idea about what is truth and how you are diverted into watching something else.I have grown up in a small town where nobody ever taught me how to do this,nobody on earth knew what the hell is educational or ideological blogging or how it might help others or what is communication and how you make some good and right use of it.
This also is a very quickly written post and so because I am still stuck in a very busy schedule.Love to all of you and lots of it for the support you have shown and the distinct warm feeling that subsequently results in.
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