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Monday, December 7, 2015

Favourite Modern Musicians (Western Including All Genres) + Analysis of What's New and What's Missing

I can't control myself from writing at least once a week.This feeling is killing me inside,that of not writing,something like withdrawal symptoms (Ah,Yes I am addicted to reading and writing and I am so not ashamed of either).
And,I can't do without thanking all the readers.Thank You so,so much! I can't believe that my blog has travelled to 700+ major cities in the world,has been read in 76 languages and in 145 countries! Also,the star followers list (including musicians,authors,leaders,show hosts,journalists,magazines,actors) are ever increasing.I don't know whom to thank for that ,I guess I have to thank the urge or the logos (that proposed by Heraclitus).

One more thing,I initially did not know anything about Heraclitus.You would remember (if you are within the list of regular readers) my post on the English project,which was an autobiography; I wrote on 'An Autobiography on Time' and I mentioned "All that is permanent is change." and I swear I did not have any idea that there was a pre-Socratic philosopher called Heraclitus who had basically quoted the same thing some 2,420 years ago.

Uh,now about music.Modern music.Modern artists.I don't appreciate MANY among them,to most of Gen Y's dismay.I truly don't find anything like music in Taylor Swift's collection.She is always writing up about nothing but BREAK-UPS.What does she think? None of us have ever had them? (I literally haven't had one,not by definition but it is not Abstract Algebra that you have to take classes to understand them). Or,it is something so inventive or innovative that our spirits are uplifted,we see a whole,new,beautiful world with lots of beauty and faith.Which one is it?I don't get it.Her lyrics are like,"My boyfriend broke up with me and I woke up this morning and I feel like I have known him for so many years but he doesn't feel like that anymore.Anymore...Anyyyyyymmmmmore......Aaaaanymoooore."Urgh.That's so irritating.
Also,she doesn't open her mouth beyond the pouty angle,so that we all get to see how pretty,how sweet her red lips are,how classic,how classy,don't know what else.Have you ever seen anyone else sing like that?NO.You better have a look at Adele's 'Hello'.That's how people sing.Or even act of singing.They open their mouth and without consciousness of not looking the best in every frame.
Disregarding the fact that I am underweight (It's not my fault.I am hyperactive.I feed on books and the Internet and survive on nightly views and dis-illusions this world has not embraced well.I never have the feeling to eat more or sleep more.)
The problem I am going to talk about is the industry's definition of beauty.Suppose you are from a remote Island in the Caribbeans and you wear green lips and sport orange eyes.So,that is beauty to them,to the population living there.That's a custom,a tradition,a sense however injected through heritage in their brains.You get to this industry,they make you wear dark lids and rich lips.That looks appealing to the eye but I am so not sure if that's beauty.
Also,they have been imposing this on women's weight.And height.And features.And curves.So,you are supposed to be an hourglass figured,statuesque,sexy commodity.COMMODITY.That is the problem with all American female artists right now.They like over-emphasising on their bare legs instead of music.Now,yeah,you are allowed to finger-point on me saying I am a Nihilist or just anti-culture but do they even have a culture at the first place?
You are supposed to be very underweight according to the industry,very fragile,very commodity-tious,very reachable,very exposed,very self-conscious and very easy. Easy about everything.And you also need to have a very conscious mouth.You can't cross boundary lines,for example,you can't speak about Syria or Iraq or about the US dumping poisonous wastes in the sea near third world countries.You have to love either the Democrats or the Republicans,both of whom are two sides of the same dangerous coin.
The industry has fixed parameters.Of being underweight,of being thin,of having a large bust still,having skinny legs,being of medium height,not too short and not too tall and having mini waist but large hips.
I don't know how all of that is possible naturally.If you have to do that,you have to compromise food,even if you don't really want to do it.Then,you have to reduce sleep.This will affect your strength,both mental and physical and will help you get rid of the last elements of any real power in you.I am not talking about women who have these features naturally (which is really rare) but I am talking about the imposition.
I went far away from music,isn't it? No.It isn't.THIS shows in their music as well.You show me one,single song written by Taylor Swift without the concept of break up or cough love or sex or girlfriends in it.You won't be able to do that,that set is blank,denoted by phi.

Also,in most songs Taylor includes catfights between women and the bad girl and the good girl.Look dear,you are not supposed to demarcate things like that.I am not pulling out someone's personal life in here because I still believe I am a civilised blogger but even then,even if she is not a feminist (that is not a necessity,after all) or a frank spoken,straight forward person,she does not have the right to brainwash a large section of the Gen Y with all that boring,uninspiring,silly stuff she writes up,calling it music.
Take a look at Rihanna,take a look at Katy Perry (this one is a top row pornographer),take a look at Beyonce or any other singer from that category,seriously,where the hell is music??

There are more nude lips and bronze contouring in there than music.And what they call music is just a few bogus lines sequenced and threaded with super boring,monotonous tunes,equally irritating instrumentals and they talk about illusions,basically infatuation;not really love.
That word isn't that cheap yet.
Now,there is one female artist I like,who has been a great success in recent years.And is British (That is not the reason why I like her).And it is......Adele.I like Adele's voice.I like her straight spoken attribute,I like the way she writes songs and the way she presents herself.She does not like to loose weight simply because the industry has imposed it,she called David Cameron "a wally" and she doesn't listen to her publicist much,as I feel it.
Adele,at the same time,did not want to pay 4 Million Dollars as tax due to the amazing success '21' had had in 2011 and I was disappointed.I was like,"What were you going to do with that 4 million dollars,sweety?You are a BILLIONAIRE."
But I still like her writeup style,her presentation,her vocal capability and her frankness,also in music.She is someone who at least makes some real,real music.

Now,let's come to Justin Bieber.Let me get honest,he was my teenage crush. And that is so,so embarrassing.I did not know what was Ku Klux Klan or the black and white disparity or just,basically anything about world politics at that time and I was not so much interested in learning as I am now but now that I do and have listened to a LOT of Western music and studied  more of  Social Sciences than the average 16 year old anywhere in the world has,I have got some idea about many things and one of that is this brainless teenage Canadian YouTube star knows everything else but music.He goes shirtless on stage without reason.He writes things that have no substance in them and he supports the KKK.Also,he claimed what is going on in North Korea is wrong.I do not know how much of what the mainstream media claims about North Korea is true but I would ask Justin,"Who taught you that,kid?"Was he kidding? He doesn't perhaps know there is a country called India,or the name of George Washington or the number of planets in the universe. 
(Post script : I am still sceptic about dictators.And that list includes Kim Jong-un.)

What's missing now is values.When I listened to '500 Miles','Blowing In The Wind','Country Roads','The Old Man River','Swing Low,Sweet Chariot','The Prison Trilogy','Streets of London',','Scarborough Fair,P.S I Love You','Wish You Were Here,'The Wall' or anything similar,it quenched my thirst of music.I felt relieved,pleasant,calmed.Or enliven.Or awakened.

'Hello' by Adele brings in some similar element into notice.It enlivens emotions.But still,she would,for example,never write about people dying of war or about the silliness of deities or about other SOCIAL attributes.

But the lady knows how to make music and I appreciate that.
What's new is the clear instrumentals and vocals,the clarity,the surgeries you can go through to make your voice more refined (the case with Adele,as well) and an absence of social elements in music.People,all over the world are falling in love with rhythm,a hypnotic rhythm,not words.And if words don't touch you,nothing really can.This is a sorrowful tale.And I can see the distant future where perhaps robotic music would be sold best.In beats,beats that awaken you and that make you sleep.And beats that come of use.
The only deprivation would be the thirst for words will go unfulfilled.And in your 
sub-conscious,nothing will ever,ever be able to replace it.

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