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Friday, December 11, 2015

Glory In Grey : My First Haiku

Moonlight glorifies
Scars inside her mighty heart
Deep amidst the grey

You could readily tell me if that's lame.Yeah,that is how I am beginning to talk today.If it was about Economics or something related to Academics,or politics,I would have been confident but it is about poetry.And that too,my first attempt of this sort.I don't know if it's cliche and stupid.Or anything worse.You are allowed to criticise in case it is any of that.

It was just that after giving two beautiful tests today,I wrote that for a little pleasure.Or may be not JUST that.
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  1. There is some great imagery in the haiku. 'Moonlight glorifies' is really picturesque. I liked it and I am the sternest of literary critics; so bravo!

    1. I was actually thinking about the river while writing it.Glad that you liked it and Thank You!

  2. our pathway steps
    in new directions
    fearful before illuminating


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