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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Haiku : That Street Lamp

Wait,where are you going without listening to the musings of the weird authoress of the blog?I have had a crush on that street lamp for around two and a half years now. I love the glow,I love how he stands alone at the end of the street.Right after from the time he has learnt the art of illumination.I have written about him before this.But I wanted to re-write because he is someone I fall in love with,every night.

Broken rays,weary sight
Who stands alone amidst the mist
Trails the tale of light

I promise,there will be no more poetry here for a while.I had quit writing,quit thinking,quit mentioning that I loved the arts.Because I loved the arts,like an instinct. I wanted to enliven that instinct again,so I caused you all the pain.

But I have been writing an article on Economics suggested to me by an economist! You can get to the secret by clicking on this link.
My next article,after this,would be on Steve Keen's "Decoding the definition of Economics".
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