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Monday, December 14, 2015

Upcoming Article : 'Green Capitalism : Why It Won't Work' Book Review by Gary Stuard

Gary Stuard is a well-known eco-socialist activist,public speaker and organiser from Dallas,Texas and he has graduated from the reputable University of Houston with a degree in Philosophy.
The first guest article I ever received on the blog was on 15th June,2014 (the day I turned 15!) and it was from this amazing and humble author whose article has been then read for 800+ times on the blog! I was waiting for his second article for a very long time because we need intelligent material to base our demands upon at the first place and secondly,both the readers and me and activists find his articles clear,crisp,logical,comprehensive and written in a simple yet beautiful manner.

Also,I am trying my best to get this blog more and more people-centric.So,I have two more sort of on-demand articles coming up on Economics very soon.One of them is going to be on 'How To Curb The Destructive Rent Seeking Behaviour of Telecoms' and the other is on Steve Keen's approach on the definition of Economics.
Please stay tuned! We have a lot coming up in December 2015.
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