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Sunday, January 10, 2016

An Exclusive Interview of Blogger and Author Tomichan Matheikal (Part 2)

After Part 1 of the interview was published,it received in a day!I think many of you are waiting for Part 2,so here it is.
I think Part 2 of the interview consists of more explosive questions than Part 1.From Islamic fundamentalism to capitalism,all the controversy has been incorporated in these 5 questions (well,at least as much can be incorporated in 5 questions).And the wise blogger has answered the questions with the usual sarcasm and merit that you find in an experienced,knowledgeable and intellectual man's honest words.

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  • Do you agree with all the harsh demarcation lines, in terms of

geography and humanity and politics nationalism comes with? Where do
you see India 50 years from now?

Nationalism is relevant only when a country is fighting for independence against external occupiers.  In an independent country, nationalism is a mere political ploy for creating us-them divisions which are convenient and easy tools in the hands of vision-less power-seekers. 
In a country like India where all top positions in any field are occupied by members of the majority community, where the minority communities which were allegedly appeased by various political dispensations still remain backward and marginalised, what is the relevance of nationalism of any sort?
50 years is a very long period for me to foresee especially since changes take place more rapidly than I can understand particularly in the field of science and technology.  One thing is certain: the kind of narrow cultural nationalism that our current leaders are trying to sell will run out of steam in a few years’ time.  India will become a country that relies heavily on science and technology.  It will achieve much progress too.  Poverty will be eliminated though in the process a lot of poor also will be.  

  • Are bloggers significant at all?

Undoubtedly.  Blogging has become a very popular and powerful tool today to propagate one’s ideas.  Bloggers are taken seriously.  The recent killing of some bloggers are indicative of how seriously blogging is taken. 

  • Atheists are right. But only until a certain extent. Something that was told by Blaise Pascal. And absolutism against absolutism isn't a fruitful solution, just like revolution is a short term solution for imperialism. So, what religious views will help people actually see what is right and not be orthodox?

Belief and disbelief are both absolute.
 In Satanic Verses, Rushdie has a character saying that the opposite of belief is not disbelief but doubt.  It is doubt that drives new thinking and new inventions.  Science will not progress unless a Newton is held in doubt by an Einstein and an Einstein is questioned by a Heisenberg and so on.  
If believers can save themselves from the tyranny of the absolutisms of their religion, then religion can become meaningful and useful.  Religion can be a source of spirituality which in turn will usher in compassion, honesty, and other human values.  Otherwise, religions will remain mere passports to paradise via hollow rituals. 

  • What are your views on Islamic fundamentalism? Who controls it? Why is it spreading like wildfire all over the world? What about Palestinian and Syrian refugees?

Primarily, Islamic fundamentalism is a reaction against the Western secularism which is perceived as irreligious and profane.  It is also a reaction against the Western dominance over the world.  It has taken different avatars in the past few decades, the IS being the latest.  IS is medieval in outlooks and objectives.  It seeks to establish a caliphate with Sharia as the legal system and the Caliph as Allah’s deputy on the earth.  
It is spreading rapidly because of a complex set of reasons.  Religion always holds a dark and mysterious sway over human beings.  This darkness is becoming increasingly important when science is unravelling mysteries and bringing in a light that is blindingly glaring.  There is also a lot of brainwashing that takes place in the Islamic educational institutions.  The believers are given a lot of illusory promises which include hoories in the sky.  While there a lot of pies awaiting them in heaven, the rewards on the earth are no less enticing.  The youngsters find an occupation in terrorism, they can die as heroes or martyrs, and they can have a lot of sex too.  In a fatwa issued by the IS recently and a copy of which was secured by the US intelligence, the young terrorists are told that “one of the graces which Allah has bestowed upon the State of Caliphate is the conquest of countries and one of the inevitable consequences of jihad is that women and children of infidels will become captives of Muslims.”  The young jihadists are told that they can have intercourse with any captive girl who has attained puberty.  There are some restrictions, of course, such as that one man should not have intercourse with both a mother and a daughter or a father and a son cannot do it with the same girl and so on.  Is terrorism a sexual entertainment?  We are left wondering.
On the refugee issue, I would like to join Angela Merkel who welcomed thousands of refugees in spite of opposition from various quarters.  She displayed a rare magnanimity.  The Time honoured her as the person of the year.  I hope the world will learn a lesson from her.  I hope the Islamic world will also learn the required lessons.  Germany calls her Mommy and now she has proved that she can be a mother to the whole world.  And she is no semi-literate, mantra-chanting nationalist.  She is PhD in quantum chemistry.  If there are a few more leaders like her, the world will be a blessed place. 

  • As an author, what message would you like to give to Gen Y around the world?

Anarchists are averse to messages.  Well, seriously, I don’t like to give messages.  If you push me to the wall, I would say, “Hands off!”  I mean, the world should learn to live and let live.  The youngsters particularly can learn to shed the egotism that their elders have acquired.  They can create a better world which has more Angela Merkels. 

Reach for his blog here.

Reach out for his newly launched book here.
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  1. Very informative interview
    The author has the mettle and brilliance

    1. Glad that you liked it. :)
      And yes,of course he does.

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