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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy...(nth) Republic Day?Yeah?

I know institutionally,99.99% of the total population will be brainwashed completely into believing that today is a fantastic day,the Sun is out (literally not),the breeze is up and we have got to go to the celebration place.Well,I know people at school who will even try to explain what a FASCINATING thing it is to keep purchasing ammunition to protect our country,to provide defence services in order to protect us from foreign invasion.What they will not tell you is that there is no electricity in our textile mills,that our industries are suffering due to forced implementation of LPG (Liberalisation,Privatisation,Globalisation) policies or that we do not need any more ammunition,we need to feed the unfed.Also,they will never tell you that this was between India and Pakistan is set up by imperialists,they will only teach you to hate Pakistan,no matter what.They will never tell you that there are places in this country,in this century where people survive on roots,insects and branches,due to unavailability of food.They will never tell you that Rohit Vemula did not commit suicide really,he was institutionally murdered.They will also not tell you to love the world,they will constantly use the same propaganda that they themselves are results of : they will tell you there is this boundary that was set up some nearly 7 decades ago by imperialists and if you have got to love someone else apart from you,you have to love people who live within this boundary.You can't love people who,for example,live in Alaska or Norway or Macedonia or Djibouti or just anywhere else,on planet Mars.

(Original Photograph from Source)
Lyrics from (quite obviously) 'Imagine' by The Beatles.

Then,when someone does say this,they will ferociously claim that we are anti-nationalists,we are haters,we are pseudo this and pseudo that,we are people you aren't supposed to mingle
with,we are people born with the "Bangali Communist syndrome" et cetera.Why aren't we supposed to cry for a child who died of malnutrition today in Nigeria?Why won't we cry for the family that lost their home today in Gaza strip?Why wouldn't we think about Occupy Wall Street?Or Iraq,or Syria,or Indonesia?Because the masters don't teach us to?
No matter what,just no matter what,missiles,a tricolour and a gun do not mean independence,they do not signify collectivism,they do not teach you to love.They only teach you to hate people you've never known and take pride in several things you do not have and cannot have relations with.
They will,hypocritically never tell you that you are not learning about your own culture,that all these ceremonial shit has no value until you feel for others,beyond boundaries,beyond propaganda.
Let there be dissent.
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